Kids Craft: Easy Christmas Baubles!

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One reoccurring theme that is dominating my Pinterest feed right now is Christmas decorations, mostly kids crafts. Hardly surprising, considering Christmas is just around the corner! But the bulk of them seem to be the kind you make out of salt dough and glitter.

I wanted to share some kids craft decorations myself but didn’t want to get lost in the sea of salt dough handprints and toilet roll angels, I wanted to contribute something easy, fun and unique. Then I happened across a bag of Assorted-size Polystyrene Balls, and I knew what had to be done!

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Hand Decorated Advent Calendar Trees!

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It’s that time of year again!

On Halloween, I had to run to the shops for something, only to be shocked to see the Pumpkins were gone and in their place: Christmas trees! On Halloween, not even the day after!

I love the Christmas hype and all the fun of decorating, but really, it wasn’t even November 1st!

That being said….. I may be just a tad hypocritical with my rant….

You see, my friend told me about these amazing ‘Advent Trees’, refillable wooden Advent Calendars in her Baker Ross catalogue and well…

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