The newborn routine: the best advice for new parents

A friend of mine is expecting twins! Well, his partner is but they are both thrilled and also, expecting them on Christmas! How exciting!

We talked a little while ago about advice regarding routine and while I did write a blog post for him about it, it didn’t really turn out as I’d planned. It was more of a ‘day in the life’ kind of run down with my kids as they are now, both well past the newborn phase. So, I thought, not actually all that helpful for them, really.

Then I was writing a post for Meet Other Mums as a part of their #blogsquad, which also just so happened to get away from me. It morphed into something I was proud of but wasn’t expecting, and all of a sudden I knew what I had to write for my friend!

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Interview: Pre-eclampsia, a Miracle Story

In September, my cousin’s little boy had his first birthday. This was an especially important birthday in my family because for a little while, it was uncertain if this beautiful boy would make it.

He was born extremely early, at just 29 weeks old, by emergency C-section due to severe Pre-eclampsia. My cousin was just 23 and this was her first child.


Ever since, despite his early start and accompanying issues, this little man has been incredible. Smashing his milestones out the park closer to his actual age peers than his corrected age peers. (The system works on the basis that his actual age is, for example, 12 months but his corrected age due to his premature birth is actually closer to 9 months.)

The one thing that I’ve learnt from my cousin in this last year, aside from what an amazing person she really is, is how little society actually understands conditions like Pre-eclampsia and how a premature birth can affect a baby developmentally.

There were so many people who wouldn’t understand why they couldn’t visit this tiny baby with no immune system during peak flu season. So many who wouldn’t understand even now how his development will have to be treated differently from his peers for his first few years.

To help raise awareness of Pre-eclampsia and premature birth, I have asked my cousin a couple of questions, I hope you find them an interesting and educational read! View Full Post