Sugar Ghosts and Sugar Pumpkins Halloween Recipe

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It’s Halloween this month! Halloween! All Hallows Eve! Woo!

As you may have noticed, I like Halloween!

I am hoping to feature at least one Halloween themed post a week leading up to the big day, either a craft or a recipe, most likely. Last week we had easy no-sew spooky bunting! Following this post we also had Creepy Halloween Jelly!

Today I wanted to share the cutest little sweet treat recipe. It is fun, easy and tastes fab! Perfect for a Halloween party buffet, or even in treat bags for handing out at the door!


I don’t really like Gray having too much sugar, so I will be restricting how many of these he gets. But, the awesome thing is these sweet treats last a looooong time. (At least 4 weeks, in an airtight tub. I’ve been told they will actually keep for months but I don’t think they’d last that long without getting eaten here!)

Growing up back in the good old days, you could actually get ten sweets for 10p from the pic n mix at the local corner shop. How many of you remember those teeth-meltingly good Sugar Mice? Don’t worry about dating yourself, I already have!

sugar, mice

I used to love them but I’d only be allowed one in a blue moon, I’d make it last for days if I could.

When I got the idea for using a Sugar Mice recipe I had for a Halloween themed treat, I knew I’d want to make them just a little smaller. Less worrying for me with Gray eating them but just as fun, of course!

Feast your eyes on my Halloween Sugar Ghosts and Pumpkins!

spider, display, sugar, halloween

Aren’t they the cutest things?

The Ghosts were especially fun to make, Gray is obsessed with them! He wanted to play with them so badly while they were drying, he didn’t even want to eat them!

sugar, ghost

The pumpkins are so cute, I couldn’t resist paying homage to the traditional Sugar Mice and their string tails. I found a fun, fully edible substitute here with their green licorice whip stalks!

sugar, pumpkin

The only thing I’d change next time is the food colouring I used. I got lazy and used a tube of orange I had on hand, which just so happened to be cheap. I emptied the whole tube in and they were still paler than I’d hoped, and a little patchy in places. I did love them anyway, of course, but next time I’ll be using a better quality one for sure.

I did love them anyway, of course, but next time I’ll be using a better quality one for sure. My friend recommended this awesome brand, she has used them to create some pretty epic cakes so I will be following her advice!

The best thing about these is that they really don’t last too long, they’re nowhere near as big as traditional Sugar Mice, even if they look it. It’s all thanks to their awesome double function as finger puppets!

I must admit it was super tricky figuring out how to shape them at first, I tried molding them around my fingertip but that was disastrous. Then I realised I could gently shape them into more of a flat circle then pinch the outside down until they were… thimble-shaped, I guess?

sugar, ghosts, pumpkins
Not every one was hollow, but most.

They really are so easy the kids can happily help you make them, but I might leave the ghost shaping to an adult as it was a bit fiddly. The pumpkins, however, were just a matter of rolling into balls and smooshing slightly, unless you wanted to get fancy.

gray, sugar, shapes
Can you tell which ones were Grays? He decided his new toy Grandmaster Glitch has ‘squashed’ his ones!

I did add a few little details; I couldn’t help myself! But older kids could certainly join in with that or you can just add them after the younger ones are finished rolling.

Gray was more interested in trying to eat everything, as he is with all of our cooking activities. He gets sweets so rarely, his goody bag from his friends 4th birthday a month ago is still half full in the cupboard!

the original recipe can be made with just 3 ingredients in less than 20 minutes!
Here’s the recipe for the mix:

1 egg white

1 teaspoon lemon juice

400-500g icing sugar, sifted

Red and yellow food colouring or orange if it’s good quality

Mini chocolate chips/edible food marker (I used this one)

Green liquorice whips, cut into small pieces, approx. 1 inch

  1. Put egg white in a large bowl and whisk until foamy. Stir in lemon juice.
  2. Gradually add icing sugar and stir until really stiff. Dust work surface with icing sugar and knead until the consistency of cloud/play doh.
  3. Divide mix in two. Add orange colouring or approx. 10 drops yellow 3 drops red food colouring, if not bright enough/right shade of orange adjust amounts until correct. Just remember that the red will have a stronger effect than the yellow.

cloud, sugar, doh

For Pumpkins:
  1. Grab about a tablespoon sized piece of the orange mixture and roll into a ball in your hands. Squish gently until pumpkin shaped.
  2. Take a piece of green liquorice whip and press firmly into the top.
  3. If you want to go further, feel free to decorate using a cake tool to press ‘lines’ into sides of pumpkin, or an edible black marker to draw a ‘carved’ face
  4. Place on silicone mat or lined baking sheet and leave to dry overnight, at least 12 hours
gray, sugar, doh
Gray loved the ‘play-doh’ but was completely unconcerned about sticking to the shapes I showed him! 
For Ghosts:
  1. These are a little trickier! (do remember, if you don’t so these first wash your hands after the pumpkins to make sure there’s no orange!) Take a tablespoon-sized bit of mixture into your hands, roll into a ball
  2. Carefully squash flat and shape outwards
  3. Mould the ‘ghost’ around your finger until it’s a finger puppet shape.
  4. Use an edible black marker to draw eyes and an ‘0’ mouth, or use mini chocolate chips. (It is best to do this immediately, they actually dry pretty quick!)
  5. Leave to dry on mat/sheet overnight, at least 12 hours.
sugar, sweets, spider
Can you spot Grays ‘Spider-Pumpkin?’

I confess, I was quite intent on how these little guys should look, so I gave Gray a separate bit of mixture to make his own with and didn’t worry how they turned out. This way I could focus on mine and he would enjoy himself more if I wasn’t ‘correcting’ him as we went.

They are both fantastic of course, the hardest part was definitely waiting for them to dry.

Gray loved them (though I have had to ration them) and I was pleased to realise they tasted exactly like the Sugar Mice I remembered! Who knew it was so easy, all this time? I am most definitely keeping this recipe on my books for future seasonal themed treats and gifts!

snowman, sugar
Did you see the sneaky experimental non-Halloween intruder hiding there?
I hope you enjoy making them for your own creepy feast this year!

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    1. Thanks, Bee! Clean up is a nightmare I agree haha. We actually made miniature cheese scones today and I found if I washed a little at a tame as I went it made me feel so much more relaxed at the end! xx

  1. Next time you make them I can heartily recommend the wilton colour right system of food dyes. They’re a little pricey for the set- about £16, but considering I once had to buy 6 tubes of colouring and use all of it for the cake icing for one birthday (and like yours I still wasn’t happy!), it pays for itself after 2-3 parties, and the colours are gorgeous and bright with only a few drops.

    1. Haha yes that is the main draw for the kids! Also the mix is like playdoh, she can make anything she wants out of it! xx

    1. Hi Hanna, yes they are super easy! You could also add any colour and make any shape you wanted, the possibilities are endless! xx

  2. Omg can I hire you to make these for me lol! Amazing work, I would literally have no idea where to start. I remember when candy used to be cheap, it’s crazy how a chocolate bar is now a dollar or two! (Or more than a pound in the UK) Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with #StayClassyMama!
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    1. Haha thank you! I promise this recipe really is as easy as it sounds! A tiny bit of mixing and then it’s as simple as moulding air dry clay! x

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