Strawberry Champagne Summer Cocktail

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British summertime is a ‘hit or miss’ kinda thing.

In the last week we’ve gone from sunny -> rainy -> back again several times! The other day we left the park as it was so hot we felt sick, before ten am! And yet the very next day was dreary and cloudy.


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But, one thing I’ll say for this summer, the heat waves have been the most intense I’ve ever seen in this country. The other night we couldn’t sleep because it didn’t drop below 28C/82F!

So, the other day while Gray was at nursery I decided I wanted to make something fruity and icy, something which complimented the weather and made me feel refreshed! I realised that I was two days before payday and our next food shop, so the cupboards were a bit bare.

In the end I decided I’d make something with the bag of frozen strawberries I found in the freezer.

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I figured i’d use the bag of frozen strawberries, a bag of frozen grapes and a lemon in the fridge, blended and combined with orange/apple juice to make a perfect fruit slushy.

Except when I looked I realised Husband had drunk the last of the juice and I hadn’t realised! Whoops. What we did have, was a bottle of champagne that had been sitting there forever, untouched.

‘What the Hell’ I thought, ‘I’ll make a summer cocktail instead!’ So I did.

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Luckily Husband was home to watch the baby and pick Gray up later! (Not that I got drunk mind you, I only had one glass!)

The recipe turned out just beautiful and I even managed to get a sneaky second recipe out of it also, but I’ll explain that later.

strawberry, champagne, summer, cocktail

Now If you’re more prepared than I am, there is no reason this can’t be made as a fruity slush as I originally intended!  Or why not try it with Pimms or raspberry Vodka? Maybe frozen cherries or raspberries instead of frozen grapes? Hell, throw anything you want in there!

That is the beauty of recipes like this! Just like my insanely good Chocolate Bark, this is super versatile! The base recipe should be seen as a guide, not set in stone! All you need is a frozen fruit, a fruity or alcoholic liquid, and a squeeze of citrus for good measure.

Make it your way!


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Btw, don’t you just love that cute mason jar glass? They are all the rage these days and I can see why, so cute! I found a gorgeous one here, they are so much cheaper than I expected!

Without further ado, here is my:

Summer Strawberry Champagne Cocktail Recipe!
  • Punnet of frozen strawberries, trimmed and chopped before freezing
  • Half punnet of frozen grapes
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Fruit juice of choice (apple would complement this best, but orange would work nicely too)
  • Champagne

(or any other variation of frozen fruit, citrus, fruit juice and/or alcohol of choice!)

  • Add frozen fruits and citrus juice to blender with about half a cup of water or fruit juice of choice, allow to sit for five minutes (do not skip this step! Your fruit will not blend properly if it is still fully frozen and will be a pain in the butt!)
  • If your fruit slush blend is too thick, add another half cup of liquid, do not add alcohol yet! Trust me on that.
  • When blend is as thick and smooth as a regular smoothie or slushy, pour out into a sieve over a jug, push through as much as possible, reserving the pulp left behind
  • Pour desired amount into glass of choice until just over halfway, reserve any left-over in the jug in the fridge until needed
  • Top glass up with champagne, alcohol or fruit juice of choice
  • Enjoy!

me, drinking, strawberry, cocktail

Do you want to know what you can use the reserved pulp for? That secret second recipe?

 Fruit Leather!

I have a dehydrator (oh yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon a while back) and while I love it, I don’t use it as often as I’d like to. But! You don’t need one to make fruit leather!

fruit, pulp


  • Reserved fruit pulp (this recipe doesn’t give you a lot, but why waste it?)


  • Evenly spread fruit leather onto dehydrator mat or silicone baking sheet
  • Place in dehydrator on 50C/120F or in preheated oven on the lowest setting you have to match this
  • Leave over night or until leather can be peeled away from mat and feels dry, usually at least 8 hours
  • Tear/cut into strips and keep in airtight tub several weeks, if it lasts that long!

fruit, pulp, dehydrator

I hope you guys like the recipe and have fun experimenting with it!

(Just fyi, I took what was left of the chilled mix out of the fridge the next day and poured it into the blender with a banana. It made an awesome, refreshing smoothie!)

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  1. I love mimosas and drank a lot of them camping this summer as my “hair of the dog” go to cocktail to help with the drinks from being gathered around the campfire the night before. These look so fab and I am going to surely try it as I love champagne only in some kind of sweet substance. Plus it’s partly healthy! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with #momsterslink and I hope to see you again this Thursday!

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