Kids Craft: Easy Christmas Baubles!

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One reoccurring theme that is dominating my Pinterest feed right now is Christmas decorations, mostly kids crafts. Hardly surprising, considering Christmas is just around the corner! But the bulk of them seem to be the kind you make out of salt dough and glitter.

I wanted to share some kids craft decorations myself but didn’t want to get lost in the sea of salt dough handprints and toilet roll angels, I wanted to contribute something easy, fun and unique. Then I happened across a bag of Assorted-size Polystyrene Balls, and I knew what had to be done!

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I am a huge fan of decoupage and wanted to make something together with Gray this year, and so this idea was born! Thanks to the mixed sized balls I knew I had an idea for another amazing decoration, but that will be in a post all of it’s own, so stay tuned and consider this part one of two!

All you need is:

Polystyrene balls

Decoupage paper and glue

Ribbon or string (Note: You can attach this with regular glue, a glue gun or just a bit of cellotape, it’s that easy!)

This craft is just so easy for kids. Gray (who has just turned four) only needed help now and then, reminding him to paint the glue over the paper to make sure it was staying down, rather than having lots of little corners sticking out all over the place!

You literally just tear/cut the paper into small strips and let them go nuts! All they have to do is spread glue on the ball, lay the paper on top, add another layer of glue if you want a shiny finish and leave to dry.

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Gray decided to make a big and a small one using the bright zigzag paper, and I decided to make a couple of mixed sized baubles in varying colours/designs.

Once dry use your ribbon to create a loop and glue or tape to the top of the bauble for hanging, it really is that simple!

baubles, finished

You can buy all sorts of pretty Christmas themed paper, or if your kid likes a certain style such as Animal Print, just go for a paper that matches their interest! You could add some glitter to the finished baubles to make them even more special.

I just love these; they have such character and were just so easy and quick to make! I imagine it would be so easy for us to turn this into a yearly tradition, adding more and more until there was no need for store bought decorations!

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Gray really enjoyed making them, but more importantly, he was so proud of his finished project. He is so excited to hang it on the tree, he has already decided it will have pride of place front and centre!

I think handmade decorations really are a special touch. Part of what makes Christmas sentimental!

I wanted to feature other people’s ideas and traditions leading up to Christmas, too.

Karla from Hands On Working Mum shared a beautiful idea!

12 things i love list bauble

She created a scroll listing the 12 things she loved about her husband, (12 days of Christmas theme). She gave him the scroll to read and afterward placed it inside a glass bauble to hang on the tree.

12 things i love glass baubleIsn’t that just the most romantic Christmas decoration ever? So lovely!

(psst – why not check out her Elf on the Shelf ideas! They are brilliant!)

What do you think? Do you have a Crafty Christmas tradition? Any decorations that are sentimental? Prefer non-traditional baubles? Let me know, I’d love to read your comments!


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    1. Thank you! Glad you liked them, the polystyrene balls are going to be used for so many things in our house haha xx

  1. These are so lovely yet simple! Wish I’d read this before going off in search of a pottery place to make decorations for our tree – I’d have saved a fortune ha ha!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub – and yes, the scroll one is sooo romantic

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