Kids Craft – Easy Autumn Wreath

The Autumn is officially here, there are pumpkins all over Instagram, pumpkin spice lattes in all the coffee shops and not only Halloween but Christmas decorations in the shops! Woohoo!

I love Autumn.

While I make no secret of the fact I love the hot weather and warm sunny days of Summer, there is something about Autumn that is just magical. It is the changing colours all around, the sudden crispness in the air, the sense of anticipation as favourite holidays fast approach and something else, something I can never quite put my finger on.

My Pinterest feed lately has been filled with gorgeous ‘Fall’ inspired, well, everything. I see a lot of pictures of beautifully decorated homes. Homes where there are entire dedicated areas such as the mantelpiece in the living room, the bureau by the front door, or the entire entry way into the house that get elaborately decorated to celebrate each season and each holiday therein.

These pictures sometimes make me sad.

We have a small, messy house. It is a great starter home, with no major problems and is filled with love and very, very well lived in. But it doesn’t look showroom worthy, not by a long shot. It doesn’t have any kind of space that isn’t covered in toys or clutter or mess of some sort.

Recently I was walking home from a playdate with a friend and saw the Autumn colours creeping in, and I decided I didn’t need a large, perfect, tidy house. What I needed was my messy, love filled little home and an afternoon crafting with my eldest son.

trees, colours, autumn

I pitched the idea to him to collect leaves from all the different coloured trees we would pass on our way home, so as to make a collage that afternoon. He was delighted by the idea and eager to point out another colour we could choose. I had to carry them all of course. We even grabbed a few berries, just for good measure!


I remembered a large piece of cardboard I’d kept for crafting and realised I had to give at least a small nod to the Pinterest perfect houses I had admired so much. So I cut out a large circle and our collage became a wreath!

wreath, glue

We carefully separated the leaves into piles by order of size, with the largest going on first and smallest last. I tried to encourage Gray to spread the colours out as evenly as possible for the best results.

collage, autumn

Then it was just a simple task of painting the back of the leaves with PVA and carefully smoothing them down on our cardboard ring. Largest first, then medium, smaller, smallest and berries etc.

I was a little worried they wouldn’t all stick properly, especially the berries but I needn’t have worried! We left it to dry for a few hours and then is was perfectly secure.

instagram, wreath

I even found a perfect spot to hang it. There was a hook so close to the door I never thought I’d hang anything on it because it would be right in your face as you came in! Luckily this wreath was completely flat and looked just perfect there.

Gray had a great time using nature to create art.

It made me realise how little we do that and how that needs to change! There is a huge Holly bush near us. I’m thinking we need to pick up a proper polystyrene wreath base and make a real Holly wreath for our front door this Christmas!

wreath, hanging

What’s your favourite way to make art from nature? Do you have any recommendations you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them! Why not leave them in the comments? xx

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11 thoughts on “Kids Craft – Easy Autumn Wreath”

  1. this looks lovely so simple yet effective. I’m surprised you managed to get the leaves to stick I tried this before (we made a peacock with a leaf tail) but the leaves fell off. I think they were damp. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. That wreath definitely looks Pinterest perfect to me! Beautiful leaves and a great idea. I know what you mean about not having a picture perfect home. I’m living with my mum at the moment and it feels very cramped! Thanks for linking with #SchoolsOut

  3. Great ideas! My feed is also taken out with everything winter. I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with it!! My house is also mega messing, and some days I don’t even bother to clean it in till the kids are in bed. It’s a death trap but my death trap! ? Thanks so much for joining us. Hope to see you next time! #SchoolsOut.

    1. Some days cleaning doesn’t matter, does it? Making memories is more important 🙂 Thanks for commenting, I’m sure i’ll be back! xx

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