Homemade Gingerbread Bath Salts

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Quick, Easy, Cheap! the three golden words one wants to hear when contemplating creating a homemade gift!

I discovered a passion a few years back now, making homemade gifts!

In particular, I love making bath things. Salts, fizzes, bombs, scrubs etc!

This year we’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, so I wasn’t sure if I could muster the energy, but then the logical part of my brain stepped in and reminded me; making things makes feel better! So why wouldn’t I make something?

gingerbread bath salts

I thought about it whilst drafting my next eBook, which made think, why not make something frugal like my last eBook theme! This craft has an emphasis on being quick and easy, as my next eBook will reflect! (Ohh teaser…!)

So, after a quick trip to the pound shop, I had what I needed. Now, my Epsom Salts did cost me £4.50 originally, but that is because I bought a 1kg bag with plans to use it in many, many projects. If I had to guess how much of that £4.50 I’d actually used on this project, i’d guess maybe 20-50 pence?

Even if you’re not sure what else to use them for, just add a half cup to your own bath for relaxation and healing! Epsom salts are seriously awesome. You can get smaller bags for less of course, but if you like the idea of making more bath things you may as well go the extra mile!

In total, you should be able to make roughly five small-medium sized jars, like I did (not all pictured), for just about £3.

bath salts title

Yes, you read that right. Five gifts for £3!


Well, I’ll tell you.

I picked up these two Gingerbread men bath fizzes/bombs from the pound shop, that’s £2, but I’ve rounded it up to three to account for Epsom Salts and decorative bits you might add to give them some festive sparkle!

I don’t count the cost of the jars because they are recycled. We often will have a jar of pickles or chutney or some such and sometimes the jars can be pretty cute.


I knew right away what I wanted to do, I figured I could mix the gingerbread fizzes with the bath salts I already had to make quick, easy, cheap, but still thoughtfully homemade gifts!

When I opened them up I was a little disappointed, the Gingerbread Men didn’t smell very, well, Gingerbread-y!

So , I had a look in the spice cupboard and added some of my own ginger and spices to give it a little extra kick! We eat them so they won’t hurt us going in the bath!


Bath fizz/bomb of choice (this would be an excellent way to stretch a Lush bomb! They are wonderful but can be a little pricey…)

Epsom Salts


Embellishments/gift tags etc of choice

salts making collage

  1. Place bath fizzes in sealed zip lock bag and smash to dust with a rolling pin! (This is pretty therapeutic and I highly recommend it.)
  2. Make sure jars of choice are clean and dry
  3. Scoop bath fizz and Epsom salt into jars, a few tbsp. at a time in alternating layers until jar is filled. ( Note: This works best with coloured fizzes, if you wanted to use a white one you could just mix it all together with the salts, maybe even throw in some body glitter to glitz it up!)
  4. Seal jars and decorate! (Make sure you try not to shake them about too much or store them on their side as this could mess up your pretty layers.)

salts making collage

What do you think? A red bath fizz with a peppermint smell could make a gorgeous Candy Cane themed bath salt!

If you’re interested in the cool chemistry tube type things I used for some stocking filler versions of this gift, you can find them on The Works.com.

I have so, so many more homemade bath gift recipes to share with you! If I started sharing once a week now I think I would finish just in time for next Christmas!

I hope you like these and have fun making them!
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