A beginning, of sorts…


This is my blog.

I’m not sure it’s anything special just yet, it’s only young after all (and my first blog to boot!) but we’re all here! (And that’s what matters!) The plan is to write engaging and worthwhile posts which not only entertain but help those who need them, and lets them leave with a smile.

I want to help people figure out life, their self-image and the future. Helping even when it seems the most daunting of tasks, by sharing with you my life experiences regarding the daily struggles of complicated pregnancies, bullying, motherhood, love, financial struggle, health and self-acceptance.

Most importantly of course, this blog is about how to overcome these bothersome things and have fun in-between, because it’s the in-between bits when life happens!

I don’t anticipate this first post getting many views but to start this right I want you to know, whoever you are, that you have made me happy by being here.

I hope you can find whatever you are looking for and we can take this journey together. Even if we go our separate ways, I want you to know that one day I will look back on this humble beginning and think of you.


Claire Elizabeth

Claire Samuel (23)
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