Guest Post – Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Road Safety Rules

Here we are, somewhere I didn’t expect to be so early in my blogging career but somewhere I am excited to be none the less!

My first Guest Post! Or rather, my first Guest, posting on my blog!

I am thrilled to welcome Zara Lewis, a very talented freelance writer who very kindly contacted me and asked if she could write a post for A Life In Practice!

Zara has written some awesome posts for other blogs such as Teaching Children to Love Reading and Ways to Reduce Stress and Live Healthier, she also writes regularly for High Style Life.

I asked Zara if she would share something a little different from what I usually write but something that would be helpful to my readers. So she has shared a brilliantly useful and endearing take on teaching our kids how to be road safe! 

We all care deeply about the safety of our children and how, in particular, we can keep them safe and teach them to be safe even without us close. I find this post informative and a relief as a mother who has a growing boy who loves to run wherever he goes!

So here you go! 

Fun Ways To Teach your Kids Road Safety Rules by Guest Poster Zara Lewis


It’s not always easy to resist being a controlling parent because of the fear that your child might get hurt while you’re not by their side. However, rationalizing will help you acknowledge just how important it is to make your child fit for life and help them gradually become independent.

When it comes to road safety rules, children are not aware of the traffic dangers as much as the adults: that’s why educating them about the responsible behavior has to be a priority. We all know that teaching children has to have an element of fun incorporated. Otherwise, they’ll get easily bored and won’t listen. Here are some of the fun ways you can teach your kids some ground traffic rules, in order to keep them safe.

Using toys for useful lessons

You don’t have to step outside to educate them about traffic: use the opportunity to squeeze in some useful lessons while they’re playing with toy cars or trains.

Children learn about the world around them through all of the senses and they understand things through play and real experiences. That’s why using playtime to teach them a couple of things about safety rules is beneficial: teach them about the types of vehicles and their speeds. Ask questions to make them think through the danger of high speeds: discuss why there are speed limitations.

Don’t fall into the role of lecturer: rather be a guide and help your child draw a certain conclusion. This way, they will feel more victorious and is more likely to memorize the rules.


Encouraging them to become traffic participants

Children have to learn through their own actions, at first as the pedestrians: be by their side, so you can explain them some ground rules, especially when it comes to the difference between the roadway and the sideway. Teach them what do different traffic lights signal and make them understand the importance of always stopping before setting a foot on the driveway, looking both sides, and then crossing the street, only at the marked zebra crossings.

Teach them what do different traffic lights signal and make them understand the importance of always stopping before setting a foot on the driveway, looking both sides, and then crossing the street, only at the marked zebra crossings.

Afterward, gradually encourage them to participate as roller skaters, bicycle riders, or while cruising the streets on the hoverboard segway – but always advise them to be aware of their own speed and of the other traffic participants. Bicycles or the modern tech riding gadgets are a great way to make your children learn while having a great time. They will make them more accepting of the valuable road safety lessons that need to be learned.

Safety during a car ride

Teach your children the importance of wearing a seat belt: you can even demonstrate its purpose through a simple role play. Sit on a chair and act as if the car has suddenly hit the brakes. Fall in the front to explain the force of interaction. Explain to them how you could easily get hurt, while a seat belt keeps you buckled up and safe. These vivid real acting examples will help them understand what’s it all about.


Behaving in a school bus

Riding on a school bus will be your child’s first major contact with the traffic. Explain them the importance of waiting for a bus to fully stop before approaching it, mainly because of the possibility of losing stability or getting hurt some other way.

Teach them patience through the red light – green light game: it will make them calmer in situations where they are forced to wait. Make sure to nurture their good manners: teach them not to push others on a bus and leave their stuff beneath their seats to avoid other passengers from tripping. Tell your children never to cross the street if buses or large vehicles (e.g. trucks) are blocking their views of the other possible approaching vehicles.

There are plenty of ways to teach your children road safety: the approach you’ll take depends on their temperament and age, so make sure you adapt in order for them to fully understand you. 


Zara Lewis (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) is a mom, designer and a regular contributor to , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Will start a blog about it once. Until then writes her diary occasionally. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.


Do you have any tricks for teaching your kids road safety? Found anything you think is a need-to-know on this subject? Share in the comments below!
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  1. These are some good tips. I actually do all of them without realising. I always discuss the ‘rules of the road’ whilst I’m driving with the girls in the back. I show them signs and everything. I always get Pinky to check for cars when we are crossing the road and ask her to tell me when she thinks it is safe to cross. I’ve never given it a second thought but it is really teaching her to be road safety conscious.
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