Fun and Easy Refillable Advent Calendar Ideas

It’s December!

Which means most kids are eagerly ripping open their advent calendars and gulping down their half-a-bite sized piece of chocolate before breakfast! Hey, I’m not judging! We did it last year, and if my friend hadn’t pointed me towards our cute new refillable advent calendars we’d be doing the same thing this year!

advent tree calendars

I showed you the tutorial for these beautiful hand-decorated advent trees in this post.

I decided that putting a single chocolate in each cute little drawer just wouldn’t feel right.  It wouldn’t do the effort I’d put into them justice!

So, I headed to the pound shop for some cheap but cheerful inspiration.

All in all, I spent about £6 on everything I needed! I know, you can get a chocolate one for 99p. But hey, if you want to try something different, like making your own or buying a refillable one, why not put just that little bit of extra effort in to make it more special!? I didn’t count each bag of chocolate treats as £1 each, purely because I am using so few from each that it would only add up to one bags worth anyway! (And c’mon, we all know chocolate isn’t going to go to waste!)

Here is a run-down of what Gray will be getting. It doesn’t seem super exciting or special when you write it down but I’m hoping it will be fun for him to have something just different enough to keep him interested! (And no, we are not doing elf-on-the-shelf, I just don’t have the energy this year!)

I hope this can inspire you to spice things up with your own ideas!

sweets, refillable calendar, supplies

Day 1: one chocolate ‘christmas pudding’ ball

Day 2: one mini candy cane

Day 3: one mini chocolate Santa 

Day 4: a note directing him to the bathroom, where he will find one Christmas themed bath fizz, as he loves bath fizzes!

bath fizzes

Day 5: one chocolate gold coin

Day 6: one mini packet of skittles

Day 7: one chocolate ‘snowball’

Day 8: four cute tiny jars of ‘fairy’ glitter for craft (the same ones used in my gorgeous ‘decorate your own fairy door’ gift bundle, coming soon!)

fairy door gift

Day 9: a mini chocolate Santa and chocolate ‘pudding’ ball

Day 10: a mini candy cane and chocolate snowball

Day 11: a mini pack of skittles and a chocolate coin

Day 12: a note directing him to some new colouring pencils

Day 13: a chocolate ‘pudding’ ball and a mini candy cane

Day 14: two chocolate coins

Day 15: a note again directing him to the bathroom to discover another Christmas bath fizz!

Day 16: a chocolate snowball and a mini candy cane

Day 17: a mini chocolate Santa and mini packet of skittles

Day 18: a note directing him to a new pack of colouring pens. (A big honour and something he has wanted for a while as I have been hesitant to allow him pens over pencils. He is one of those kids that likes to colour outside the lines, and occasionally outside the paper!)

pencils, pens, craft

Day 19: a chocolate ‘pudding’ ball and chocolate coin

Day 20: a chocolate coin and mini candy cane

Day 21: a note directing him to a ‘create your own felt Christmas tree’ craft pack

Day 22: a chocolate snowball, chocolate coin and mini candy cane

Day 23: a chocolate ‘pudding’ ball, mini chocolate Santa and mini packet of skittles

Day 24: I plan on placing a note in the 24 box directing him to find a ‘super special Christmas eve craft’. (The baby group we attend were kind enough to gift every child attending a ‘decorate you own stocking’ kit. It is just a basic felt red and white stocking, some cute festive stickers and some letter stickers to spell out their name. Gray didn’t see it as he was busy playing, and I think will be really excited. He will also be thrilled to decorate Rhyds stocking for him too this year as Rhyd is still too young. Then he can hang them up ready for filling, which I am hoping will really build the anticipation for what is coming in the morning!)

So there you have it!

refillable ideas

Some basic but ‘just different enough to be exciting’, refillable advent calendar ideas.

I have seen some wonderful lists out there with some gorgeous ideas, especially the ones with daily seasonal and family activities as a theme. But honestly, this year after all the crap we have been through lately, I just don’t have the energy.

We are just getting back on top of things and into our old routine again, this was a huge effort for me! Next year I hope I can make more effort and really go for something unique every day.

For those who know me well, you might also be thinking ‘wow… there’s a lot of chocolate and candy in there!’

It’s true, usually I am pretty strict on this subject.

(He still has Halloween candy in the cupboard! Shh!)

But I figured; he deserves a break as much as we do lately and hey, it’s once a year! Besides I can reasonably deny any other sweets during the days he gets some from the calendar, as he’s already had some!

Next year we are hoping to hop on the elf-on-the-shelf bandwagon too, it looks fun! Again, I just have not had any energy to keep up with it this year.

What do you think? Do you make/fill your own calendar? Any fun ideas?stayclassymama
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14 thoughts on “Fun and Easy Refillable Advent Calendar Ideas”

    1. Gray is hugely into pirates right now, I wish I’d had the energy, I would have done him a proper hunt every day! Let’s hope next year he will still be interested! xx Thanks for commenting xx

    1. I would have been doing the chocolate one too, I am usually far too lazy for things like this haha. There is always next year! xx

  1. We have an advent train – but I haven’t done it this year it has been too crazy! We have the chocolate ones. I will never forget the year my mum made me an advent calendar and it had miniature nail varnishes, lipstick, sweets etc etc really creative presents, I loved it! Next year I will be more organised and make it special for the boys. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT ?
    Catie (An Imperfect Mum) recently posted…Tips for a stress free ChristmasMy Profile

    1. That sounds lovely! Honestly, some years it is hard to find the time and energy, which is why we aren’t doing elf on the shelf. There’s always next year! Thanks for commenting xx

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