Family Holidays: Creating Traditions

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I recently posted about the importance of a family holiday.

Well, our holiday at Center Parcs was a well needed, well-deserved break. It was a rare family holiday for just us, making memories that would likely shape what we looked for in our family holidays for years to come.

Because when it comes down to it, traditions start life as a simple family activity but stay alive because they become the memories that stick. The thoughts and feelings that your children carry with them from the experience.


I knew immediately when we told Gray about this holiday that we had already created a holiday tradition.

When I was still pregnant with Rhyd, Gray had just turned 3 and we had gone for a weekend break with my mum, brother, and niece. One thing we did as it was a winter holiday was buy marshmallows and toast them on the fire.

Almost the first thing Gray asked when I told him about this holiday was if we could toast marshmallows again!

Well, I thought, this is obviously a positive memory that has stuck with him, so hell yes, we will buy marshmallows! I am happy to embrace such a tasty tradition!

By the end of the week, it was clear to me what sorts of family holiday traditions we liked and wanted to try and continue each year.

Toasting marshmallows

This is now our ‘cosy family cuddles indoors’ tradition, and the most specific one on the list. This is our ‘let’s curl up at the end of the day, watch a film together and have cuddles’ kinda tradition. Besides, what’s a holiday without a few extra treats?

toastingmarshmallows traditions

Making the most of our time to be active together

For us, it was mostly swimming! So. Much. Swimming. Not to mention cycling! We tried to go everywhere on our bikes and went swimming every single day. We get the chance to do things like this together as a family so rarely, we wanted to make the most of our time together and fill every moment!

me rhyd daddy gray

Trying something new or very different

This holiday we did this by, to share just two examples: taking a rowboat out on the lake and renting a squash court! These are things we simply never do. The boating was something big and exciting, a treat that won’t happen often. The squash was also fun. We realised Gray had never picked up a racquet! This gave us chance to introduce him to a new game that might be something that could become a hobby one day.

me gray boat

Finding a creative way to chill

It’s wonderful to keep busy but you will have to allow yourself some down time, or you might burn out, especially with young kids.

One experience that we knew Gray would love was pottery painting. He loves a bit of craft but this was something he’d never tried and as predicted, he threw himself into decorating his ‘ice cream’ with lots of different colours.

pottery painting

It was a great way to fill an hour in the early afternoon while Rhyd napped in the buggy. It also gave Mummy and Daddy the chance to chill and get some art therapy of our own!

me paint

All in all, I think we found some really awesome experiences to create some memories from. Making them a family tradition is something we know will have us all looking forward to our yearly holidays going forward!

I can’t wait to look back each year and see if we add something new, or how we get creative with what we already have!

family selfie

Do you have a tradition your family holiday just wouldn’t be complete without? I’d love to hear suggestions!

If you’re interested in Seasonal holiday traditions, why not check out my ebook Frugal Living for Lazy People? It has a whole chapter on saving money at Christmas and how to create some awesome traditions while doing so!


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9 thoughts on “Family Holidays: Creating Traditions”

  1. You have some lovely holiday traditions. I could very much get on board with toasting marshmallows. I don’t know if we have any actual traditions, we probably do and I just don’t realise. I’m sure Ellie will remind me of something I’ve forgotten to do on our next holiday 😉 Thank you for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I think they’ll start to show themselves when you realise certain things just keep popping up! xx

  2. Oh how lovely. I totally agree with creating family traditions and sometimes the simplest of things make for the best and most enjoyable of traditions. Love the pottery painting and also the bike ridding looks lovely. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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