A Life In Practice isn’t just a blog, it’s also an eBooks library!

…At least it will be! *sheepish shrug*

Granted it’s pretty small right now, but there are many titles in the works!

Every eBook you will eventually see here started life as an idea for a blog post, however one post, or even several just didn’t feel enough, so I decided to make eBooks out of them!

Some things just need to be shared with the world, and we’re just along for the ride.

Frugal Living for Lazy People is my first eBook venture, published as of September 2016!

Frugal Living for Lazy People is about how to change your lifestyle without sacrificing your comforts! It’s based on my own efforts to bring our spending in line and adopt a more frugal mindset, mostly to provide some peace of mind. However, I didn’t want to actually feel like I was doing anything different, or give up the things I love! (I am, after all, the original lazy person in the title!) 

See my announcement post here; or visit Amazon to check out the book here:

 The next title in the works has yet to be finalised, but I’m hoping to publish some time around Christmas 2016!

I may not be able to tell you the title just yet, but I can tell you that it will be dealing in experiences with bullying, negative thought spirals, regret and resentment; both from childhood and adulthood. The most important thing about this book is that the main focus is going to be not only on learning to accept and cope with these things, but on letting them go. Few things are as freeing as finally saying goodbye to resentment about past events that you’ve been subconsciously carrying for half your life, believe me.

Watch this space for more updates on other titles in the works!

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