Easy No-Sew Spooky Halloween Bunting!

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It is officially October, you know what that means! Let the Halloween hype begin!

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The other day I had a massive clean out of the boy’s room, they have two huge fitted closets which we had piled high with junk. I’d gotten into the bad habit of kinda throwing everything in there to get it out of the way. We tend to stay downstairs all day so they only really sleep in there anyway.

Well, it was so awful I had to do something! I ended up with a full bin bag of junk, a full bag of donations for the charity shop and at least a dozen bags and boxes we put up in the loft.

The room looks so much better now! Big and tidy! We are all ready to paint, as per Grays request. (He has decided instead of two green and two blue walls, he’d like one blue, one green, one yellow and one pink! Very colourful!)

During the clear out, I remembered some bits in my craft closet for putting in the loft, and whilst moving them I came across something wonderful.


A bit of beautiful Halloween themed fabric! I’ve had it in a cupboard everywhere I’ve lived since university! I’d never figured out what I wanted to do with it but couldn’t bear to throw it away. When I saw it, this time I finally knew!



This is one of the easiest crafty things I’ve ever made, and it looks so cool! I don’t decorate enough for Halloween, (considering it’s my favourite holiday!) this year I plan to change that.

The beauty of this is, all you need is a piece of fabric with a design you like and some ribbon! I had some bright green ribbon I thought would be fun for this but also some beautiful sparkly purple yarn from an old project. I love the idea of using ‘traditional’ Halloween colours like purple, orange and green.


You could make Christmas themes, Easter, anything you fancy decorating for! Or even pick up some bold coloured fabric for Birthday bunting!

I think this fabric and these ribbons are perfect, altogether they aren’t even a fiver!

The reason this is simple is because I am super lazy, but you could make it far more neat and fancy if you like to sew.


I know some perfectionists might be cringing right now at those slightly raggedy edges but remember, this is a Halloween bunting with cobweb fabric! It would probably look even better if you deliberately cut it as ragged as possible!

Here’s what I used:

Large scrap piece of Spooky Halloween themed fabric
Ribbon/yarn scraps

And here’s how to do it:

  1. Cut a flag/bunting triangle shape about the size of a pizza slice from your fabric
  2. Use this piece as a template to ensure all future triangles are as uniform as possible (although it would probably look great uneven!)
  3. Snip four holes along the short side of the triangle, spaced evenly
  4. Thread ribbon through holes, leave small gap, thread next triangle, and so on
  5. Hang bunting!

You can see I’ve used a hole punch here to show you the sort of spacing I mean:


It really is that simple! One handy little life hack for threading using a ribbon/yarn or anything prone to fraying, wrap a little sellotape around the end, it will stop it from fraying out and make it easier to thread through!


You can make it as big, small, long, short as you like, use more/less holes if you like! As with all of my recipes and crafts, such as my Chocolate Bark, I strongly advocate doing things your way!

I think the best recipes and crafts are the ones you can tailor to your own tastes!


I am super excited to make my next project from my old fabric scraps, Christmas bunting! Woohoo! 

There will also be some more spooky Halloween themed posts throughout October!

Like this tutorial? Got cool ideas of your own? Any suggestions to improve this idea? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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15 thoughts on “Easy No-Sew Spooky Halloween Bunting!”

  1. I love that fabric!! And the one you recommended from Amazon is pretty fab too! The overall effect of this bunting, is perfect for Halloween! My eldest is aware of, and excited about Halloween for the first time this year! So I will make this bunting, to help make our house look the part for him, and because it looks fun and simple! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink
    This Mum’s Life recently posted…The Big Pink Link Week 34My Profile

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and will be trying it! 😀 I have some gorgeous Christmas themed fabric tucked away that I can’t wait to do this with also! x

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