DIY Gift Bundle: Decorate Your Own Fairy Door!

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For Christmas 2016 My friends and I did a Secret Santa for the kids.

One of my picks was a sweet little girl who just loves all things pink and girly. She has four fairy wands! At the same time, I also needed something for my niece… hmm…

Two little girls but a four year age gap, I couldn’t possibly find something that would suit them both, right?

diy fairy door bundle gift title

Aha! Well, let me tell you about my ‘Decorate your own Fairy Door’ Bundle, officially the most awesome gift for little girls from toddlers up to double digits! (At least the reaction it got from both of them leads me to think so!)

bundle gift pic

The Works is a great store for creative supplies, as I’ve mentioned in my post on decorating my reusable Advent Calendars! When browsing there a little while before Christmas I spotted these gorgeous little ‘decorate your own fairy door’ items. Blank wooden doors with cute little latches!

You can find them in other shapes and sizes also, like these:

I also found the cutest little glass jars full of glitter! I knew when I saw them I had to use them somehow.

fairy kit parts

So I grabbed two of these doors for £2 each. Then I dug out some cute little baskets I had squirreled away for just this sort of thing, I picked up a four pack of paints from Asda for £2, a pack of four paintbrushes for £2, headed over to the pound shop and picked up some pretty stick-on jewels, some paper flowers with jewels in the centres and some cute little craft glue bottles. All in all, the upfront cost for both was about £13, but the actual cost of supplies used was even less! In total each kit probably cost about £5 considering out of four paints and brushes they only use one each and so on.

Once I had all the little bits I thought would make for an awesome, magical ‘Fairy’ look, I separated out suitable ‘portions’ of each decoration and placed them in the little baskets to wrap it all up together.

fairy doors

Each fairy door was paired with a basket which contains:
One paintbrush
One bottle of paint
Stick on jewels
Paper flower decorations with jewel centres
One small bottle of craft glue
Four tiny ‘fairy’ jars of glitter in different colours

The finished product was a complete kit for little girls to create their own magical portal for their bedroom or somewhere in the house, to add a little special wonder!

It got a brilliant reaction from both girls, and I can’t wait to see the finished results!

fairy bundle

What do you think? Have you tried making DIY kits before? Did they get a good reaction?

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    1. A follow-up post will definitely happen, I can’t wait to find out what they did with them either! Thanks for reading! xx

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