DIY Budget Birthday Bundle for Little Girls

My beautiful little niece is seven next month. Seven! The years really have flown by. I dread to think how emotional I’ll be in November when Gray turns four. Yikes.

my niece as baby

Unfortunately, I don’t really get to see my side of the family that much, as they (mostly) live in Mid-Wales and we live down in Kent, it works out (with potty breaks for Gray) to be about a five-hour drive to my Mums. Ugh.

Whenever I mention how hard it is to be so far from them I inevitably get ‘why can’t you move closer?’ Well a whole lot of reasons, that’s why. It really never is as simple as all that. This is just the way things have ended up right now and I don’t think we’d be happy moving anywhere else at the moment.

We just so happen to be going to visit at the end of September, so I figured getting her gift sorted and taking it up with us in advance would really be the best option.

It’s a shame really, if we did live close enough we’d never have to pay for childcare, that’s for sure!

So, my sweet little niece! Seven! Eeeep!
gray, cousin, my niece
They adore each other, they are a thick as thieves when together!

We are somewhat restricted on extravagance at the moment with our finances, which my brother understands, fortunately. Despite the budget I wanted to make my niece something special.

In the end I settled on a present that would be fun, special and extremely budget friendly, not to mention would make a great idea to share with everyone for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more! Really any gift giving event you can think of, this will work!

diy, birthday, bundle, girls, title

I decided to go for her favourite colours (pink and, well… sparkly), Favourite film (Frozen) and some sassy ‘big girl’ accessories. I wanted it to be a mix of a ‘little girl who loves Disney’ and ‘little girl who’s growing up’ feel, as that is where she’s at.

It makes me sad how quickly they grow, I swear I didn’t grow up this fast!

Here’s the list:
  1. White ‘butterflies with jewels’ personal mirror
  2. Tub of strawberry flavour pink candyfloss
  3. Selection of cute and funky Alice bands in pinks and turquoises
  4. Frozen Elsa and Anna picture socks (yes, socks :P)
  5. Pink jewelled effect sunglasses
  6. Selection of pink/purple/sparkly/jewelled etc hair bands
  7. Disney Princess ‘shimmer lotion’ (basically a glittery skin cream?)
  8. Pink sparkles nail polish

There, I think that’s a pretty well balanced mix of ‘still a kid’ and ‘growing up’ for a little girl, right? I usually like to be a little less gender-stereotyped, but some little girls just love pink!

socks, candyfloss, shimmer

Pink and sparkly, check. Disney and Frozen, check. ‘Grown-up’ make-up etc, check. All the things this soon to be seven-year-old (argh!) loves.

sunglasses, mirror, nailpolish

She also has lovely thick hair and loves having it plaited like Elsa, so I couldn’t resist some hair accessories!

hairbands and hairties

I had planned to pick out a fancy basket or something but I couldn’t see any that were suitable. So, I picked up a cute Frozen reusable gift bag to put it all in that she could use as a sleep-over bag or something?

It’s pretty sturdy, I was actually really impressed with the quality. It’ll come in handy, I’m sure!

complete bundle

I also happened to have a selection of pink and purple tissue paper I use for gift wrapping in the cupboard, woohoo! So I decided it would be fun to wrap each item individually.


As always, Gray is the one who makes the card! He was very insistent about what his cousin would like on hers.

(Sparkles, it’s always sparkles.)

(I’m pretty sure I haven’t bought a single birthday/xmas card since Gray discovered crafts!)

Total cost, not including the tissue paper (I’ve had that forever anyway):


That’s it! Just £8 for this adorable gift selection, which is perfect for my niece’s tastes.

How easy and cheap was that? The best thing is it doesn’t feel ‘cheapy’ cheap. The gift is personalised to be all the things she likes and has enough components that it doesn’t feel like a last-minute, thrown-together, thoughtless kind of deal.

I really hope she likes it, I’ll be waiting eagerly for a call from my Brother at the start of October to hear how it was received, I’m hoping it goes down well, as I now have a whole lot of ideas for Christmas!

But one thing at a time!

If you’re interested, I’ve found some bits to make your own version the super lazy/convenient way; through Amazon! You may pay a few extra pounds but hey, you don’t have to leave the house!

*Note: these are affiliate links!*

Here are some cute hair accessories:



A Frozen nail polish!frozen-nail-polish

Disney Frozen Girls Nail Polish – Peel Formula – Soft Shimmer Ice Blue


A really cute gift bag: 89p

And last but not least, how about some candyfloss? There’s always room for candyfloss!

All together this list from Amazon would cost you £9.57, not bad at all! (Just don’t forget about postage!)

These personalised gift bundles are so much fun to put together, my Christmas ones for my Mum and Nan always include some homemade bath bits! I’ll be sharing the recipes for those soon!

Do you do anything special/homemade when it comes to gifts? Know any great ideas that are frugal and budget friendly? Please leave a comment and share! I’d love to hear it!


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17 thoughts on “DIY Budget Birthday Bundle for Little Girls”

  1. This is adorable! My daughter would love this so much (and she is only 3 – she has very grown up tastes). We have no money either and the thought of christmas is filling me with dread. One side of my family don’t appreciate anything homemade, so I end up buying things that I either can’t afford and regret, or something cheap which I hate doing and so regret. Oh well. This year for birthdays for the ladies on the other side of the family we gave homemade fudge, homemade peppermint creams and homemade sugar scrub for the bath (now that was amazing). I would love to know what grown up things you make! #picknmix
    chocolateandwineandillbefine recently posted…Five Minutes’ PeaceMy Profile

    1. Ohh they sound lovely! I have recipes for homemade chocolate covered salted caramels, and for the bath my mum loved my chocolate orange honey bath wash and my nan liked my sugarcube shower scrub soaps! I plan on sharing all of these asap with everyone xx

  2. Claire!!!
    I miss you but glad to see you having loads of fun ???

    Homemade stuff we do biscuit hampers (decorate your own for children)
    Photo collage
    Framed kids painting
    This year I wanna make smelly cushions gonna use hot wax to leave an outline ?
    And I also did the arm knit scarf really enjoyed it and got so many great comments

    1. Hey! I’m sorry i’m so rubbish at keeping in touch! Your homemade gift ideas sound wonderful, if you want to get them out there feel free to message me the instructions and some pics, and I’ll post it as a guest post featuring you! Full credit will be given 😉

    1. Glad you like the idea! There are so many possibilities with this type of present, it’s also how I put together my sons stocking each year now! xx

  3. This is just lovely. I’m sure your niece will absolutely love it, I think the creative gifts like this are the most special as you know that someone has really thought about it. I give personal poems to my family for special occasions which they like. x #KCACOLS

    1. A poem is such a lovely, personal idea! I am planning to do upcycled photo frames with pictures of the boys this Christmas x

  4. I think that’s the great thing about kids is that they just love things, they don’t care about the value and this is an absolutely lovely idea. Such a cute gift set. Thanks so much for linking up to #Kcacols hope to see you back next time!

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