Hand Decorated Advent Calendar Trees!

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It’s that time of year again!

On Halloween, I had to run to the shops for something, only to be shocked to see the Pumpkins were gone and in their place: Christmas trees! On Halloween, not even the day after!

I love the Christmas hype and all the fun of decorating, but really, it wasn’t even November 1st!

That being said….. I may be just a tad hypocritical with my rant….

You see, my friend told me about these amazing ‘Advent Trees’, refillable wooden Advent Calendars in her Baker Ross catalogue and well…

plain, trees

Two of these little beauties cost me about £16 and are so lovely!

They are plain wood and a great size, each drawer can hold about a Lindt sized sweet treat. I wanted to decorate them colourfully because I wanted them to have a fancy Christmas sparkle! I am hoping they will last years and years to come!

So, I decided to decorate them right away, rather than risk getting forgetful and them not being ready for the start of December! (It could honestly have happened; I am a procrastinator extraordinaire!)

I had several things I wanted to do.

To start with I got the most tedious bit out of the way! I broke out my fancy little Pyrography Pen. (This is the one I have, I was shocked I could get one for under £20! It seems so fancy and complex but it’s actually pretty easy!)

pyro pen

The numbers were easy enough to burn on, although I had to take a break as my brain was melting! It didn’t take all that long, it’s just a tad repetitive!

I wanted those cute little round door knobs to double as the ‘baubles’ on the trees. So the next step was to paint them with different coloured poster paints, glitter paint and finally a top coat of decoupage glue to give them a shine.

drawers, baubles

So, next step was to set the drawers aside and get started on the body! This I covered with decoupage paper. The back was a simple combination of bright coloured patterns, the sides I wanted a little more variation so used a few more, and made sure they were Christmas themed!

back, sides

Lastly, the front. This bit was the fiddliest, but I chose to go with green patterns to keep a more traditional Christmas tree look.

front, green

I was so thrilled with how they turned out, I really couldn’t be happier! I made sure to do them both the same, it won’t be long before the boys are old enough to start the ‘but his is better than mine!’ game, I’m sure!

front, tree, advent

They look so lovely and festive.

I just have to decide what to put in them. I have bought some little ‘Christmas pudding’ wrapped chocolate balls, but think I will spice things up by putting something different every few days. Maybe a pound coin in the last one, to make it extra special!

gray, calendar
Gray loved his! He can’t wait to start using it!

The beauty of these, of course, is you can fill just one drawer at a time. Last year we had an unfortunate incident which ended Gray having a calendar for the year early. I returned from the loo one day to find he had discovered every window contained a chocolate, not just the day we had opened. The whole thing had been torn apart!

At least these will remove that issue!

advent tree calendars

What do you think? Do you have an advent calendar each year? Do you use something other than chocolate?

advent trees

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  1. These look super cute, I’ve seen one that is a train with the draws on them and it’s what I want to get Ben but the only one left was damaged so I need to hound them to get another lot in!

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