Hi there!

Claire Samuel (23)

Welcome to my ‘about’ page. I’ll be honest; i’m pretty bad at writing these things.

Well, my name is Claire. I am 30, married, have 2 children and live in the south of England.

There’s the stats, now, who am I?

I love to write. I always have, since I recall writing my first terrible fanfiction at the age of 12 (It was for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you’re interested.) Since then I have written poetry, fanfiction, essays, fictional novel drafts and also have a BA in Classical Studies, in which my focus was on classical literature and mythology, such as the epics and tragedies.

So yeah, writing has always been a thing for me. But then life happened. I kinda got lost in the day to day rigmarole of having to work a boring job in order to pay for the necessities of living.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve loved my life so far. After higher education I fell in love, moved across the country to live with my future husband, got married, bought a house and had two beautiful little boys. Life happened and that’s okay.


But whilst on Maternity Leave for my second son something changed. It… clicked.

 I had been following blogs for years, having regular binge sessions on my favourite website, Pinterest. I remember spending hours and hours reading blog posts about kids, crafts, cooking, life and more and always thinking I wish I were able to do this.

It was only when a good friend introduced me to the idea of NATs – Negative Automatic Thoughts – that I finally realised I could do this. All my ventures have been shadowed by that little voice in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough to make it work, I wasn’t smart enough, funny enough, dedicated enough. Well now I knew that wasn’t true, it was just chemistry. A stupid brain chemistry screw-up that is far more common than most realise.

It was the one piece of knowledge I needed to spark that change, to finally set me on the path to doing something I loved without fear of subconscious sabotage.

And here I am.

A Life in Practice is my blog. It is going to be filled with quality, engaging, entertaining, informative and useful content, that is my promise to you. I don’t want to be confined to a ‘niche’ so I will be posting recipes, crafts, DIY, kid stuff, well-being advice, life lessons, experiences and hacks and just about anything else that comes to me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I know I will enjoy writing it.

A Life in Practice is hopefully, one day, going to be my full-time job. On that day, I will come back and edit this page to reflect my accomplishments and to write a promise for the future with my dream career at my fingertips.