How To Survive The Heat With Preschoolers

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These last few weeks here in the south of England (or most of the UK, really) we have seen one insane heat wave. The last few days as I write this have reached mid-thirties (Celsius)! Mid-Thirties! That just doesn’t happen in the country.

One of our most famous stereotypes, after all, is constant rain and gray clouds!

So it can be difficult for most Brits to really get into the flow in these sorts of conditions. It can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and even, dare I say it, unpleasant for an adult when caught out in extreme temperature conditions, despite our love of the sun and rare time with it! However, if you’re a parent getting caught out can be so much worse. View Full Post

Depression Without Diagnosis

This post is a departure from my recent cheerful Christmas crafts and activities. But I think that it is a necessary one.

The problem with certain illnesses is that they can be too easily trivialised. So many people have such a poor understanding of mental health that mental health care is still one of our biggest failings, not just in the UK but worldwide.

This is demonstrated in ways you don’t even notice most of the time. For example; you still hear people use mental health illnesses to express things like; ‘I just have to eat my M+Ms one colour at a time, I’m so OCD!’, or ‘My favourite celebrity just quit my favourite show, I’m so depressed!’

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all heard this done. I have even done this myself. And I don’t mean ‘before I was enlightened’ I mean I still do it even now, without thinking.

This is because mental illness has been such a taboo and a non-subject in society for so long that even now we are finally making strides in understanding, it is still trivialised. 

Because this is how society has been programmed.

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5 Signs Your Child Is Struggling To Process Stress

As adults, we are emotional equipped to handle stressful, worrying and frightening situations. We can recognise, compartmentalise and logically engage these situations. Certainly, we don’t want to; but as adults, we know that it is our responsibility to do so.

Can you imagine, though, how it would feel to see these negative events going on around us, affecting our entire world and the people we care about, but not being able to truly understand what is happening or why? To feel like you have no control, no stability and no end of this upheaval in sight?

For many children, it can feel this way. The upheaval itself could be something as unthreatening as moving house or a routine change due to a parent getting a new job. Or, it could be far more negative, such as a family member needing to spend time in hospital.

This is what recently happened to us. View Full Post

Matcha White Chocolate Truffles

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Okay, I can safely say on the rare occasion a new recipe just ‘pops’ into my head, it usually works out just fine.

But. This happening and working out gorgeous is not a common occurrence.

I’d like to share with you one of those rare, magical, epic successes in the ‘huh… wonder if that would work?’ recipe department!


What is Matcha?

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The newborn routine: the best advice for new parents

A friend of mine is expecting twins! Well, his partner is but they are both thrilled and also, expecting them on Christmas! How exciting!

We talked a little while ago about advice regarding routine and while I did write a blog post for him about it, it didn’t really turn out as I’d planned. It was more of a ‘day in the life’ kind of run down with my kids as they are now, both well past the newborn phase. So, I thought, not actually all that helpful for them, really.

Then I was writing a post for Meet Other Mums as a part of their #blogsquad, which also just so happened to get away from me. It morphed into something I was proud of but wasn’t expecting, and all of a sudden I knew what I had to write for my friend!

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Interview: Pre-eclampsia, a Miracle Story

In September, my cousin’s little boy had his first birthday. This was an especially important birthday in my family because for a little while, it was uncertain if this beautiful boy would make it.

He was born extremely early, at just 29 weeks old, by emergency C-section due to severe Pre-eclampsia. My cousin was just 23 and this was her first child.


Ever since, despite his early start and accompanying issues, this little man has been incredible. Smashing his milestones out the park closer to his actual age peers than his corrected age peers. (The system works on the basis that his actual age is, for example, 12 months but his corrected age due to his premature birth is actually closer to 9 months.)

The one thing that I’ve learnt from my cousin in this last year, aside from what an amazing person she really is, is how little society actually understands conditions like Pre-eclampsia and how a premature birth can affect a baby developmentally.

There were so many people who wouldn’t understand why they couldn’t visit this tiny baby with no immune system during peak flu season. So many who wouldn’t understand even now how his development will have to be treated differently from his peers for his first few years.

To help raise awareness of Pre-eclampsia and premature birth, I have asked my cousin a couple of questions, I hope you find them an interesting and educational read! View Full Post

Finding Your Calm Button

So this last year has been such a journey for me mentally and emotionally. Honestly, one I never expected!

I thought, as I am starting to finally get it all figured out, I should share, maybe it could help someone like me? That’s where most of my posts have been coming from, you see. That is where this one comes from too, I hope you find it useful!

When things are getting on top of you, it can be almost impossible to find your calm.

On one of ‘those’ days, you always seem to wake up already tired and short tempered. Even if you get up early there is never enough time to do everything. The kids are always too loud, too chaotic, too naughty. Nothing goes right.

Know those days? Yeah, me too.

This last year I’ve been having days where anxiety is almost all consuming. It doesn’t matter what I have planned, how good things are going, whether or not I’m alone or Husband is home and whether or not the boys are behaving. Those day’s creep up on me and just ruin everything.

Somehow I still manage to get things done, go places, hang out with friends and have an all-round normal day, the problem though, is that on the inside I am freaking out.

My thoughts and feelings go like this: I just don’t have time. I have too much to do and I just can’t get it done. I can’t concentrate because there is just so much to do that I don’t know what to do first. Sometimes everything is too loud and distracting me!

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My Journey Of Self-Recognition: From Postpartum Body To The Old ME Again

This post is pretty personal. It talks frankly about my experiences and I may express strong opinions in places, but please try to remember, we are all entitled to our opinions. I’ve actually decided to extend this into a series chronicling my awful pregnancies, my birthing experiences, my weight loss journey and how they all came together.

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For those who know me, you’ll know three things. For those who don’t, here they are:

  1. January of this year I had my beautiful second son.
  2. I had a shitty pregnancy; horrible in many, many ways
  3. I was unhappy with my weight and appearance after my exhausting ordeal was over, so I decided to make a change.

I decided I needed to get back into shape my own way, so I downloaded the Spark People app*, set my calorie count to between 1,200-1,500 per day and slowly began reintroducing an exercise routine, starting with yoga on the Wii Fit.

(*This is not an affiliate link, I actually genuinely just want to promote this product for how amazingly it helped me!)

Over 22 weeks I lost 2st/28lbs. For some this seems huge, for others not so much, but for me it was exactly what I needed to recognise myself again.

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5 Things I look forward to in my 30s (my 20yr old self would be horrified to learn)

Let’s face it, in our twenties we all have that rose tinted vision of our futures. We know what to expect to a degree, we know a house and a family, if that’s what we choose, doesn’t come without work.

But, what I don’t think any of us expected was for the ‘work’ part of it to become a desirable thing, now did we? Still in denial? No clue what I could possibly be talking about? Okay, play hard to get, but I bet once you’ve read this list you’ll be a little more honest with yourself!

(And if you’re still in your early twenties with no kids, enjoy this peek into the future!)

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How To Train Yourself To Be Productive.

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This is part of my Productivity Series! See also ‘How to have a productive day (even with the kids around)‘ and ‘How to be productive even when you’re feeling like death.’

train, yourself, productive, trick, lazy

I am a lazy person.

It is my default setting, I admit it. With children of course, you can’t  really afford to be lazy anymore, so things have had to change somewhat for me.

However, it is pretty hard to shake some of those bad habits. Some days I still find myself slipping into those old ways, especially when the kids are actually giving me an easy day.

Those days, despite being awesome on the ‘kids are behaving’ scale, are usually pretty rubbish in other ways. Mainly the ‘staying organised and being productive’ kind.

The days I get the most done and feel the best about my productivity, are absolutely the days I stay on my feet and keep myself active. I’ve got a couple of tips and tricks I try to use to stay productive and curb my old, lazy behaviours from resurfacing.

If you’re a former lazy person like me they might just come in useful for you!

How to trick yourself out of laziness and train yourself to be productive! 
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