5 more things I love in my 30s (my 20yr old self would be horrified by)

Here we are again!

I mentioned in my first instalment in this series that there were many more ideas for this, but I just couldn’t fit them all into a reasonably sized post! Anyway, I promised I’d write you a follow up, so here it is!

Let’s see how many of these ones you can relate to!

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Getting up Early

This one was a kicker for me, let me tell you. I love my sleep. Dearly. I used to be something of an insomniac and if there wasn’t a pressing reason, I’d never rise before ten AM.

Now, however, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! In my first list I mentioned I looked forward to bedtime. Well on the days Husband is working, I also now look forward to getting up early!

By the time I go to bed I guarantee I have been wishing I could have written more during the day. By rising at six AM (or earlier), I can actually have an hour or so of peace to write before the boys stir.

(The baby has, of course, already been awake at least once by this time.)

I look forward to knowing with (almost) certainty that no matter what else, I am guaranteed at least on hour of (hopefully) uninterrupted writing time during the day. It really helps me feel calmer during the day, if I know I’ve already done something productive before I’ve even had breakfast!

lady, laptop, tea


I know what you’re thinking, but I promise I haven’t gone completely mental!

I loathe the Teletubbies with a passion, believe me. But for some strange reason, even though he doesn’t ask about watching it or ask for the toys, Gray is completely awed by it.

If Cbeebies is on in the background and that show comes on, Gray will drop everything and sit in enraptured silence from start to finish. At almost four years old now, I thought he would be too old for it but there must be something about it that just sucks kids in?

I don’t know, nor do I care! All that matters to me is that I get 15-20 minutes of absolute, blissful silence. I love my boy, but some days this is truly a blessing.

Housework days

looking forward to housework? Now I must have lost it!

Everyone has some responsibility to take care of the home they are living in. Whether you split the chores 50-50 or one of you takes full responsibility or somewhere in between, sometimes in your busy adult life you fall behind.

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know exactly how hard it can be to keep up with deep cleaning the house.

It’s not often I get a day to myself. Occasionally though, I’ll get one of those glorious days where I somehow have no children, no commitments and an empty house. I love those days, I usually go nuts on the bathroom and kitchen first, then the living room and if I have time, there’s always something I can find to do in the bedrooms.

I look forward to these days because despite the hard work a good deep clean can be, I always end the day feeling accomplished, proud and like I have bought myself a little room to breathe.

living room
Until both boys move out, I feel like I can only dream of a living room this tidy!


This suggestion came from a friend. As soon as I heard it, I knew that it would absolutely make sense to me when Gray starts school next September!

As kids and teens, we all universally loathed homework, it was just an agreed thing, right? It was an extension of the school day we didn’t want, eating into our private time and sucking our souls dry even in the safety of our own homes.

‘And yet, even though that soul sucking demon has come for our children, we’re expected to be happy about it?!’ I hear you cry!

Well, my friend explained it like this: His little girl is growing up so fast, she’s only in nursery, due to start school next year with Gray, but her nursery already has her doing homework! She is so bright; she absolutely loves to learn.

Being able to work on homework together he gets to spend some one on one time (they have three kids, so…) He also gets to see her learning new things, figuring things out and problem solving.

Basically, doing homework together makes him proud of her and enjoy spending time together in a unique and one on one setting, so what’s not to love?

While I worry about our kids being given too much homework these days, (I’m pretty sure I hardly had any until high school!) I do look forward to being able to spend some personal time with Gray. I want to help him learn and watch him develop his mind!

I can’t wait to be able to tell him how proud I am of him for all his hard work. I want to watch his little face light up with pride!

IKEA furniture shopping

Okay, now I know I am definitely not alone with this one! Everyone loves Ikea, right? There is just something enthralling, almost addictive, about its unique shopping experience.

It is also physically impossible to enter for one thing… and actually leave with just one thing.

Now that I am all grown up and own a house, one of my absolute favourite things is improving it. Usually I get hooked on small, simple things like organising equipment.

Last time we went I picked up a new laundry basket! Woo! Wait, what?

Yup, my 20yr old self is silently weeping for my coolness (not that I ever had much anyway). I now use most of my Birthday and Christmas money each year to buy things for the house. (Usually the kitchen!) When relatives try to argue I should ‘treat myself’, I simply reply: this is what makes me happy, so it is for myself!

Last year I actually got super excited… about the prospect of purchasing a storage system for my birthday…*sigh*

What about you?

What do you look forward to now you’re in your 30s, that your 20-year-old self would be horrified to learn? Share in the comments below!



13 thoughts on “5 more things I love in my 30s (my 20yr old self would be horrified by)”

    1. I’m so glad you like it! I must admit a 9pm bedtime is one of my things… Husband often stays up playing online games with his friends. It actually works out nicely because I get to fall asleep starfishing on a big bed and wake up with someone to cuddle, haha xx

    1. Oh my God I’m so glad I’m not alone, Garden Centres should have totally been on my list! How could I have missed those! *ahem* I mean, I may also like garden centres somewhat… mostly the artisan foodie stuff… XD xx

  1. I love Ikea furniture… in the shop and it looks lovely. Once I have to assemble it myself, it’s another story! Teletubbies? I don’t have to put up with it yet but totally dreading it! And I love getting up early so that I can blog without a noise in the house… But I also love my bed very much! #momsterslink

  2. I know what mean about house work – there is something so satisfying about getting your cleaning done and having a clean home although at the moment it doesn’t happen often! I also waking early and making the most of the day – my 20 year old self would be horrified. I also love fresh air and going for a little walk – seriously I have changed so much!! #momsterslink #stayclassy
    natalie recently posted…What I’ve been loving lately – SeptemberMy Profile

  3. IKEA is THE best lol. I love going there and looking at all the things I can buy and then end up buying way too much. I don’t agree with housework I absolutely hate this and have just invested in a cleaner haha. But each to their own. One of the things I love how with a child is my ability to function on zero sleep, I used to complain and quite literally die now I just get on with it no fuss. Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!
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