5 films you absolutely should NOT watch while pregnant


I recently found a lovely post over at OHMUMMYMIA, through the #eatsleepblogrt linky. It is about films to watch while pregnant/a new parent and has some very sweet suggestions such as an old favorite of mine, Look Who’s Talking!

I was halfway through this list when I had a lightbulb moment. I remembered how Husband and I had gone to the cinema while I was pregnant with Gray, to see Prometheus. This turned out to be an EPIC mistake (and I’m not saying that because of the poor reviews that film got!)

We then made the same mistake again with a new horror film about a possessed doll on Sky Movies while I was pregnant with Rhyd, called Annabelle.

Hoo Boy did we screw up watching that film while pregnant!


(Warning: we love horror films, hence the theme you will notice on this list. The plots of these films will be discussed openly including graphic descriptions of why you should not watch them while pregnant. Be aware, these are not pretty scenes.)

So to compliment OHMUMMYMIA‘s list and highlight the hilarity behind our (traumatizing!) mistakes, here is my list of 5 films you should never, EVER watch while pregnant! (EVER). Oh and this counts if you’re a first time parent or expecting your third, trust me.

(Warning: Most of these films are at least a few years old, so here there be spoilers!!)
  1. Prometheus

This film was released in 2012. There is a scene in this film, which I watched while pregnant, where an alien has invaded a woman’s body. In order to survive she has to program an automated medical table to cut it out of her. It looks like a flailing squid, so that’s not so bad, but you see in graphic detail the ‘removal’ process, which is followed by the woman stapling herself up again… so.. yeah, probably not a good idea while pregnant. Enough said.

  1. Annabelle

    Ohh, this looks fun! Oh wai…AHHHH

This film is a supernatural horror/thriller about a possessed doll, released in 2014. You might think it’s listed here because the plot is an evil doll wants to steal a little girl’s soul, which is bad enough! But no, that is not why. I was pregnant with Rhyd when we watched this and I expected to be able to handle it. I expected the ‘child in peril’ element and was prepared.

What I did not expect, (warning – this is graphic) nor was I prepared for, was the opening sequence of events to include crazy people breaking into the home of a heavily pregnant woman, whom they stab. Guess where? Yup. I freaked out so bad I felt sick watching that. The baby was fine and the film progressed without anything nearly so distressing happening again (yes, I decided to power through, I assumed there would be nothing of that sort again and was correct). But Holy Hell, that was not a pleasant thing to see while pregnant.

  1. A.I.

This film is an old love/hate of mine. Released way back in 2001, I felt it tug at my heartstrings even then and couldn’t watch without tears.

However, now that I am a mother (of boys!) I simply cannot ever watch it again. Ever.

The plot involved a little robot boy who had been programmed to love his ‘mother’, a woman who needed him to fill a void left by her son who is in a coma. When her real son wakes, they make the decision to return the robot boy to the company they bought him from to be decommissioned. However, by this point, the mother has come to love him in turn and so (for some reason) thinks the best course of action is to dump him on the side of the road and tell him to run away so that she doesn’t have to return him to (essentially) die.

The plot then follows his epic journey to find ‘the Blue Fairy’, to turn him into a real boy so that he can return to his mother and be with her forever. I kid you not. His innocence is one of the most heart-breaking things about this film.

The boy has such a pure, innocent love for his mother. The ending, which I won’t explain for risk of crying over my keyboard, just breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. This film is beautiful but not for an expecting mother, especially not with all those hormones floating around.

  1. Cujo, Pet Cemetery, IT, The Shining, Anything by Stephen King EVER

Don’t. Just don’t. We love horror films, especially the old masters of the genre and no one can deny, the golden age of Stephen King was pretty awesome.

However, a great many of his books and their film adaptations involve children. Young children. Either being put in peril or outright killed.

In Cujo, the little boy is supposed to be four. My Gray is about to turn four. Cujo does not end well for that boy. Nope. Nope nope nope. I can’t do it anymore. Not now I’m a mother. My old horror movie favorites have been forever ruined for me.

  1. Twelve Years a Slave

This might seem like an odd one to put the list. This film is fantastic, a really powerful story. I hugely recommend it to everybody.

However, I watched it while pregnant and there is a scene fairly early into the film, that just set my hormones off.

When the main character is first taken into slavery, there is a woman with two children who is taken alongside him. When they are sold at an auction she is sold with him, but her two children are taken by someone else. Eventually, the woman is sold on again because she just can’t get over the loss of her children.

The new owner’s wife even makes an offhand comment about how ‘she just needed a hot meal and a night’s sleep and she’d forget them’. WHAT. No. nope nope nope.

It is a heart-breaking example of the horrors of slavery and how the owners didn’t see their slaves as real people. For a hormonal pregnant lady, being confronted with someone having their children stolen from them is seriously unsettling at best.

I may just never let you go again…
Bonus TV Entry!
TV Show Game of Thrones.

This is a great show, we love it but if you find violence towards children disturbing to watch on a show, no matter how far-fetched, just don’t watch it. Trust me. There are several episodes that I had serious trouble with and I am a huge fan. (I mean almost made me quit the show kind of bad.) Don’t distress yourself for the sake of pop culture!

Any other suggestions? What do you think are the top culprits that I’ve missed off this list?

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12 thoughts on “5 films you absolutely should NOT watch while pregnant”

  1. Having been pregnant twenty times, I haven’t watched any of these films!! I do keep meaning to watch Twelve years a slave but I am so emotional these days I’m not sure I could handle it! I’m intrigued to watch all of these now, if I ever find the time between the children! Thanks for linking to #momsterslink
    five little doves recently posted…Momsterslink November 3, 2016My Profile

  2. 12 Years a Slave is such a tough film to watch. We waited a long time to be in the right mood, but there’s no right mood. Everyone should watch it once. I don’t know anyone who has been able to watch it again, but it’s an important story. Another for the list is Suffragette. It is an incredible film, difficult to watch without children but I imagine much tougher if you’re pregnant or have children. Sorry for the sombre tone of this comment, but they’re far from lighthearted films. #KCACOLS

    1. That’s okay, I agree 12 years a slave is a must for people to see at least once. I haven’t seen Suffragette yet, but I bet I can guess why you mention it, so I’m not sure I will see it! x

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