Never Underestimate the Importance of a Family Holiday.

In exactly 18 days, we are taking a family holiday.

It is our only family holiday this year. We actually take about four weeks of ‘holiday’ throughout the year, but usually, three of those are spent visiting my family in Wales. Which is, of course, a lovely time but not really a holiday in the same way. That time is spent enjoying the company of family members we don’t get to see often enough and visiting as many of them as possible. The boys love it, but we don’t get a moment of alone time as a family.

Which is why I am counting down the days until our humble, four-night adventure at Center Parcs. Husband and I have been to the Elveden parc several times before we had kids. We spent our hours idly cycling, swimming and chilling out in the spa. They were possibly the most relaxed, calm and content holidays I’ve ever had.

We booked this one on a whim because we realized, with much dismay, this may be our last chance to take the boys there, at least for a long time.

The problem is Gray is starting school in September. View Full Post

Why i’m done with the old me.

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When I started working at my most recent employer, I had to adjust my sleeping patterns a fair bit. My shifts either started at 6 am and finished mid-afternoon, or started lunch time and finished anywhere from 9.30-11.30. You weren’t supposed to be put on a late finish to an early start the next day, but occasionally it happened.

I loathed getting out of bed pre-dawn but once I’d finished my early shifts, I always felt great. I’d spend the rest of the day being super productive and getting things done!

Late shifts, however, I’d be lucky to drag myself out of bed before 10 am and even when I did, I was convinced I didn’t have time to do anything before work. I’d literally sit around for a couple of hours watching TV and having an early lunch and finally getting dressed and dragging myself out the door. Nothing would get done. View Full Post