Turning a negative experience into a positive day.

The other day, I had a negative experience. A negative customer, actually.

Not a moody, grumpy, rude, or distant customer. Not the type who was on their phone the whole time or who didn’t say thank you or who shouted at me because we’d run out of their favourite item.

No, I think you’re starting to guess the sort of customer I had.

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Chocolate Creme Egg Cakes!

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If there is one thing I love about this time of year, it is the insanely good Easter chocolate selection. I seriously have a slight obsession with Easter Eggs. There is just something about chocolate in egg shape that makes it so. Much. Better.

Husband is also a huge fan of Cadburys Crème Eggs. While I’m not quite so taken (a little sickly for my taste) I do agree they can be pretty yummy in moderation.

So for Valentines, we don’t really do the ‘traditional’ forms of celebrating, (think romantic dinner, flowers, jewelry etc) we kinda just think up something that would make each other happy and do that. This year I got a lovely massage and I bought hubby a small novelty gift and baked him something.

What did I bake, you ask?

Only these amazing little crème egg filled chocolate cakes! Dense, moist, rich-but-not-too-rich personal sized pieces of heaven. View Full Post

When blogging became something more.

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So over Christmas, I took a blogging break. It was lovely and well needed but also, in a way, very nearly catastrophic for me.

I came back to my senses at New Years and realised I needed to sort myself out to get posting again.

I then had a moment, (well several), where I was blank.

Just… absolutely blank. No ideas. No motivation. I knew I needed to start writing again to produce the posts I needed. I knew I needed to refill my social media buffer to get back on the scene and go looking for the linkys I had been a part of before the break.

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DIY Gift Bundle: Decorate Your Own Fairy Door!

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For Christmas 2016 My friends and I did a Secret Santa for the kids.

One of my picks was a sweet little girl who just loves all things pink and girly. She has four fairy wands! At the same time, I also needed something for my niece… hmm…

Two little girls but a four year age gap, I couldn’t possibly find something that would suit them both, right?

diy fairy door bundle gift title

Aha! Well, let me tell you about my ‘Decorate your own Fairy Door’ Bundle, officially the most awesome gift for little girls from toddlers up to double digits! (At least the reaction it got from both of them leads me to think so!) View Full Post