How to dig out the root of your stress in 5 minutes

So, you’re having a bad day. Everything is going wrong. Kids are being a pain. You’re done. Sound familiar?

Except you secretly know the world isn’t out to get you, the kids are just being kids and almost every problem you’ve faced today is all in your head. Also sound familiar?

This is often the case when there is something bigger at play. Something bothering you on a subconscious level, hovering at the back of your mind like a dark shadow.

The worst thing is, most of the time you might not even be able to figure out what exactly is bothering you.

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My babys first year; why do I feel like I’ve missed it?

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I wrote this post the day my youngest, Rhyd, turned one. It was a bittersweet, strange day.

I remember clearly how Grays first birthday went. I made a cake, wrapped presents, cards etc. and I remember feeling disappointed at the end of the day because, well, he was one. He had no idea what was happening, no idea why were singing at him. No significant attention was given to the presents, in fact, the most excited he got all day was when he was opening and closing his birthday card in front of his face to play ‘peekaboo’.

So this year I knew I didn’t want to make too much fuss. The boys are both in nursery on Monday afternoons and Daddy works all day, so there was no point in my mind trying to disrupt our routine for something Rhyd couldn’t understand.

In the morning the boys and I went to a play date with a friend and sang happy birthday and had a piece of cake. Rhyd had a present from his friends and from some family members, but not from us. I had literally just put some toys away as he had too many! And I got his next sized (Grays old) clothes out of the loft, of which again there seemed more than he could ever wear. What could we possibly buy him?

I dropped the boys at nursery after lunch, sat down at the coffee shop round the corner, and started writing this post.

In the evening, I got a call an hour before pick up time to say Rhyd had had enough. It was only his third day at nursery, I wasn’t surprised. I picked them both up, headed home and made a fun, finger food dinner. Then Daddy arrived just in time for bedtime. It was all pretty normal.

It was the night before his birthday that I found myself lying in bed, part of me wishing I had the energy to feel more. Not that I wasn’t feeling, just that I felt like I wanted to cry, I was just so tired. I wanted to sob and sob that my tiny baby, my last baby, was so big now.

He had been in this world a whole year, yet I felt like I’d missed it.

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Finding a Balance: Homework, Rewards and Video Games

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I read a great article not long ago about growing up in the 80s. It touched on the usual debates; did we have it better? Do kids have too much access to electronics these days? Do we helicopter parent?

It got me thinking.

Recently we noticed something that concerned me at home. My four-year-old, Gray, is struggling to learn to read. It pains me to write this because to me, he is perfect, but a small part of me worries that he might not be prepared for school in September. View Full Post

Guest Post: Improving Patience in Parenting – 5 Ways to Become a Zen Mum

Welcome to the second Guest Post here on A Life In Practice! The lovely Zara Lewis has kindly returned, with another excellent piece of parenting advice. 

This post really struck a chord with me, last year was particularly stressful, being reminded of ways to chill out a bit is something I needed!

Something, I might add, I felt particularly strongly about as a mother. I can’t stand losing my cool with my boys, sadly it happens more than I’d like. Fortunately, these pointers are good advice to help me (and hopefully you!) to find a little Zen in the day to day grind.

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How To Create A Yearly Bucket List You Can Actually Achieve!

The ‘Bucket List’ is the idea of having a list of accomplishments/ experiences you simply must do ‘before you kick the bucket’. I think this is a pretty great idea, I know personally I have several things I would consider bucket list material!

But in more recent years I’ve been introduced to the idea of the ‘short term’ bucket list. One that you can use for smaller, more immediate goals.

So, I figured this year, why not give it a go?

I’ve never been very good with resolutions. I think I’ve never seen much point. I’ve always been of the mindset that if there is something I need to change about myself/my life, I will deal with it as it comes, not wait for the start of a new year to address it, just because.

With young kids, there are a lot of obvious things that spring to mind. Disney is one of ours, but that’s a long-term goal! When we do Disney, we’re heading to the US to do all the parks, all out, which is going to be best done when both boys are a little older.

So, this year, what do we want to achieve? As parents, individuals and as a family? After all, Gray starts school (!) in September, after that, everything changes! Eeek! View Full Post