Does Christmas have to be about Santa?

This subject was one of contention in our house for a little while when we had our eldest.

You see, both Husband and I are a united front on this subject. Neither of us really see the point in figures like the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, it just doesn’t feel right.

Family members tried to persuade us to get more into the Santa thing, citing childhood wonder and so on but we argued; why can’t Christmas be special with presents from mum and dad rather than a magical figure? View Full Post

Easy Popcorn Fridge Cake!

I have been debating which Christmassy themed sweet treats to share on the blog lately. I love sharing recipes, especially the quirky seasonal themed kind! (Did you see these little cuties from Halloween? Or these spooky treats?)

But this year I’ve found myself in a perpetual state of panic when it comes to seasonal blog posts. It’s all going by so fast! I have read that the best time to make seasonal posts is at least a month before the event, and here we are with just a week left! Eeeek!

So I decided, y’know what? I’m going to stop beating myself up for missing the Christmas recipe bandwagon this year. Next year I hope I will have greater blogging experience, be more organised and have the forethought to get them planned out and made in advance.

So what do I have to offer recipe wise in December? How about the quickest, easiest sweet treat you can think of. And I even managed to resist the temptation to sprinkle crushed candy canes on top! View Full Post

Homemade Gingerbread Bath Salts

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Quick, Easy, Cheap! the three golden words one wants to hear when contemplating creating a homemade gift!

I discovered a passion a few years back now, making homemade gifts!

In particular, I love making bath things. Salts, fizzes, bombs, scrubs etc!

This year we’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, so I wasn’t sure if I could muster the energy, but then the logical part of my brain stepped in and reminded me; making things makes feel better! So why wouldn’t I make something?

gingerbread bath salts

I thought about it whilst drafting my next eBook, which made think, why not make something frugal like my last eBook theme! This craft has an emphasis on being quick and easy, as my next eBook will reflect! (Ohh teaser…!) View Full Post

Depression Without Diagnosis

This post is a departure from my recent cheerful Christmas crafts and activities. But I think that it is a necessary one.

The problem with certain illnesses is that they can be too easily trivialised. So many people have such a poor understanding of mental health that mental health care is still one of our biggest failings, not just in the UK but worldwide.

This is demonstrated in ways you don’t even notice most of the time. For example; you still hear people use mental health illnesses to express things like; ‘I just have to eat my M+Ms one colour at a time, I’m so OCD!’, or ‘My favourite celebrity just quit my favourite show, I’m so depressed!’

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all heard this done. I have even done this myself. And I don’t mean ‘before I was enlightened’ I mean I still do it even now, without thinking.

This is because mental illness has been such a taboo and a non-subject in society for so long that even now we are finally making strides in understanding, it is still trivialised. 

Because this is how society has been programmed.

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Kids Craft: Easy Christmas Baubles!

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One reoccurring theme that is dominating my Pinterest feed right now is Christmas decorations, mostly kids crafts. Hardly surprising, considering Christmas is just around the corner! But the bulk of them seem to be the kind you make out of salt dough and glitter.

I wanted to share some kids craft decorations myself but didn’t want to get lost in the sea of salt dough handprints and toilet roll angels, I wanted to contribute something easy, fun and unique. Then I happened across a bag of Assorted-size Polystyrene Balls, and I knew what had to be done!

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Fun and Easy Refillable Advent Calendar Ideas

It’s December!

Which means most kids are eagerly ripping open their advent calendars and gulping down their half-a-bite sized piece of chocolate before breakfast! Hey, I’m not judging! We did it last year, and if my friend hadn’t pointed me towards our cute new refillable advent calendars we’d be doing the same thing this year!

advent tree calendars

I showed you the tutorial for these beautiful hand-decorated advent trees in this post.

I decided that putting a single chocolate in each cute little drawer just wouldn’t feel right.  It wouldn’t do the effort I’d put into them justice!

So, I headed to the pound shop for some cheap but cheerful inspiration. View Full Post

Being far away from family at Christmas

Christmas can be a great time of year, likewise, it can be difficult for some. For us, it is a mixed bag.

We always have a lovely time at my in-laws with Gray and this year will be Rhyds first Christmas! The day is always filled with love, laughs, good food, and presents.

However, my side of the family live in Wales, approximately five hours away. View Full Post