Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts.

There are so many things you hear as an expecting/first time mum. In those first few months, usually starting as soon as you announce your pregnancy to the world, you are inundated with ‘advice’.

This can range from the genuinely helpful ‘Always pack spare clothes. ALWAYS.’ To not so helpful ‘Who cares if the midwives don’t recommend it? I did it and it worked for mine!’* To the downright bizarre ‘You chew their food first then feed it to them, that way they get your germs to improve their immune system!’*

(*yes, I have heard both of these myself… sigh…)

I remember reading for hours on what to do/not to do. These days, I have an idea of what works for us, and how to make life easier with kids.

I spent the entire first year with my first born checking the development charts every month to make sure he was on track, trying everything that was recommended.

I also remember the only time I didn’t listen to my instinct as his Mother.

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5 Signs Your Child Is Struggling To Process Stress

As adults, we are emotional equipped to handle stressful, worrying and frightening situations. We can recognise, compartmentalise and logically engage these situations. Certainly, we don’t want to; but as adults, we know that it is our responsibility to do so.

Can you imagine, though, how it would feel to see these negative events going on around us, affecting our entire world and the people we care about, but not being able to truly understand what is happening or why? To feel like you have no control, no stability and no end of this upheaval in sight?

For many children, it can feel this way. The upheaval itself could be something as unthreatening as moving house or a routine change due to a parent getting a new job. Or, it could be far more negative, such as a family member needing to spend time in hospital.

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Being angry at the world is exhausting

I am angry at the world, and that makes me tired.

angry title

In the past, we have been through difficult situations. I remember when we got our first place together. Our yearlong contract turned into a trap, there was mould in the walls and under the floors which the landlord couldn’t care less about. I felt some nights like I’d suffocate in my sleep, it was affecting my health so badly.

This was about the same time I was being bullied incessantly by my insane manager at work. I felt depressed, certainly. Some nights I’d sit in the bathroom sobbing uncontrollably, I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stop crying from exhaustion. Every shift made me sick with dread at the thought of seeing that maniac. View Full Post

Negative Automatic Thoughts part 3 – Perception and Cognitive Distortion

Negative Automatic Thoughts are a running theme here, as evidenced by this being part 3 of my official series

This post today was inspired by something utterly ridiculous that happened to me the other day. I had to share, I just couldn’t believe how suddenly and how violently my NATs seemed to suddenly flare to life.

I realised that one part of NATS I haven’t covered in this series yet is perception. Specifically: How we misinterpret the actions of others and make them a negative reflection of ourselves, when they’re actually nothing to do with us!  

Check out this article on Cognitive Distortion, it really is eye-opening!

It is very easy to misread someone’s actions if you’re having a bad day. But how can you really know what someone else is thinking?

You can’t!

You can guess based on contextual clues, but unless that person voices their thoughts themselves, you cannot be certain. So why let your worries run away with you?

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How to stop making excuses and start being productive!

You will never become a productive person unless you stop lying to yourself and get out of your own way. Sounds harsh, maybe, but hear me out!

I have written quite a few posts on productivity. These posts have been pretty popular, one in particular, I can say with certainty is the second most popular post I’ve ever written.

There are so many posts about how to become more productive, with tips like the ones I share and many, many more methods besides. This is simply because everyone finds different things work for them.

But what if you have already tried these tips? What if you’ve seen them around and know they won’t work for you? How can you find your productivity if all the advice is telling you the same/wrong things?

Stop lying to yourself!

Yup. You heard me! Have you ever wondered why none of the top tips out there work for you? Or why maybe they work for a day or two then you just stop using them?

I’ll tell you why: You’re standing in your own way! Sabotaging your own efforts!

I know you may be thinking ‘No, I do want to be productive! Really!’ But there comes a time when you need to re-evaluate; has that little subconscious voice has been whispering in your ear and holding you back?

That is why this list is different. We’re going to look at what we’re doing wrong already, not what we need to start doing right. You’ll be surprised how familiar some of these might sound!

Let’s get on with it then!

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Hand Decorated Advent Calendar Trees!

Post contains affiliate links.
It’s that time of year again!

On Halloween, I had to run to the shops for something, only to be shocked to see the Pumpkins were gone and in their place: Christmas trees! On Halloween, not even the day after!

I love the Christmas hype and all the fun of decorating, but really, it wasn’t even November 1st!

That being said….. I may be just a tad hypocritical with my rant….

You see, my friend told me about these amazing ‘Advent Trees’, refillable wooden Advent Calendars in her Baker Ross catalogue and well…

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Matcha White Chocolate Truffles

Post Contains Affiliate Links.

Okay, I can safely say on the rare occasion a new recipe just ‘pops’ into my head, it usually works out just fine.

But. This happening and working out gorgeous is not a common occurrence.

I’d like to share with you one of those rare, magical, epic successes in the ‘huh… wonder if that would work?’ recipe department!


What is Matcha?

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5 films you absolutely should NOT watch while pregnant


I recently found a lovely post over at OHMUMMYMIA, through the #eatsleepblogrt linky. It is about films to watch while pregnant/a new parent and has some very sweet suggestions such as an old favorite of mine, Look Who’s Talking!

I was halfway through this list when I had a lightbulb moment. I remembered how Husband and I had gone to the cinema while I was pregnant with Gray, to see Prometheus. This turned out to be an EPIC mistake (and I’m not saying that because of the poor reviews that film got!)

We then made the same mistake again with a new horror film about a possessed doll on Sky Movies while I was pregnant with Rhyd, called Annabelle.

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The newborn routine: the best advice for new parents

A friend of mine is expecting twins! Well, his partner is but they are both thrilled and also, expecting them on Christmas! How exciting!

We talked a little while ago about advice regarding routine and while I did write a blog post for him about it, it didn’t really turn out as I’d planned. It was more of a ‘day in the life’ kind of run down with my kids as they are now, both well past the newborn phase. So, I thought, not actually all that helpful for them, really.

Then I was writing a post for Meet Other Mums as a part of their #blogsquad, which also just so happened to get away from me. It morphed into something I was proud of but wasn’t expecting, and all of a sudden I knew what I had to write for my friend!

newborn, routine

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