How (and why) we got married for less than £1000

Today (September 30th 2016) is my 6th wedding anniversary! Woohoo!

Husband and I are still happy; I’m pleased to report. Phew!

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In six years we have managed to buy a house (on mortgage) and have two children! While we love each other differently than we did six years ago, I can safely say we don’t love each other any less. View Full Post

5 More Smart Ways To Save Money On Shopping – Baby Edition

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My previous two posts about saving money on food went down pretty well! They were a preview of my first eBook, Frugal Living for Lazy People, which is now available! now the eBook is actually out I couldn’t be happier with the reception it has had!

It may seem strange to do another preview now that it has actually been released, but I had these three posts planned from the start, they are actually what inspired the book! so here we are, part, or ‘preview’ three:


I was thinking about my shopping tips when I wrote the other posts and had a realisation. One of the greatest expenses when it comes to food shopping, no matter how frugal you are, is always going to be the kids! View Full Post

What you should never say in front of your kids

I have read so many articles and posts about ‘what you should do’ as a parent. There are things on each and every one of those articles that I strongly agree on, and things that I strongly disagree on.

I am not a perfect parent, I have admitted that before and do so again and again without shame. Because as far as I’m concerned, admitting you are not perfect at something is the only way to push yourself harder towards that perfection.

I want to be the best mother I possibly can be. The only way I can do that is to admit my faults and work towards fixing them.

However, these lists. These lists I keep seeing everywhere basically make parents feel ‘if you do/don’t do this, you’re a terrible parent’ or ‘if you say/don’t say this, your kids will turn out damaged’.

Seriously? We all have to deal with so much unnecessary judgement and expectation from complete strangers regarding our parenting every single day! Now there are these rules, (I swear they never used to be around!) that you will screw your kid up for life if you say ‘good job?’ View Full Post

Our Routine

For some reason (beyond me) people are always, and I mean always, telling us how well behaved, happy and laid back our kids are. Don’t get me wrong, our kids are almost abnormally well behaved, we are grateful! But people mostly attribute it to us being laid back parents.




Apparently I am laid back. Or at least appear to be? I feel quite rude being so sceptical of these lovely compliments but, most of the time, I do not feel laid back at all. (Did you see my posts about anxiety and Negative Thoughts and snapping? Eeeep.)

I think the weird thing is, when it comes to routine and things like eating and sleeping, we actually are? Laid back I mean, but not in the ‘who cares about routines’ kind of way.

More the ‘You don’t want to eat that? I guess you’re not hungry‘, or ‘oh you don’t want to go to bed? Too bad, love you, goodnight.’ Kind of way.

I’m not saying we slam the doors in our kids’ faces and leave them to scream. In fact funnily enough we’ve never believed in letting them ‘cry it out’.

We simply haven’t gone running every time they whinge, giving them at least a few minutes each time to try and calm down by themselves before going back. Now, they pretty much just… do, I guess?

We’ve managed to find some sort of magic balance in between. View Full Post

5 more things I love in my 30s (my 20yr old self would be horrified by)

Here we are again!

I mentioned in my first instalment in this series that there were many more ideas for this, but I just couldn’t fit them all into a reasonably sized post! Anyway, I promised I’d write you a follow up, so here it is!

Let’s see how many of these ones you can relate to!

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Our Day Out: Margate Beach, Summer ’16

At the end of August, just before the kids went back to school, I had a horrible realisation.

The entire summer holidays had pretty much gone. We hadn’t been on a day trip as a family even once. Not only that, but we hadn’t been to the beach as a family in almost two years!

Considering there are perfectly good sandy beaches less than an hour’s drive from our house, this is unacceptable.

my feet, beach, paddle

At the start of the summer, the in-laws took Gray to Dimchurch, the pictures they took showed us it was a beautiful place and Gray loved the little train and the light house. ‘We’ll have to go!’ We exclaimed.

We never did.

Husbands shifts fell in such a pattern at the end of the holidays that he had a three-day weekend for the first time in a long time. It was whilst discussing how to fill it that we realised, we really hadn’t done anything at all this summer! View Full Post

DIY Budget Birthday Bundle for Little Girls

My beautiful little niece is seven next month. Seven! The years really have flown by. I dread to think how emotional I’ll be in November when Gray turns four. Yikes.

my niece as baby

Unfortunately, I don’t really get to see my side of the family that much, as they (mostly) live in Mid-Wales and we live down in Kent, it works out (with potty breaks for Gray) to be about a five-hour drive to my Mums. Ugh.

Whenever I mention how hard it is to be so far from them I inevitably get ‘why can’t you move closer?’ Well a whole lot of reasons, that’s why. It really never is as simple as all that. This is just the way things have ended up right now and I don’t think we’d be happy moving anywhere else at the moment.

We just so happen to be going to visit at the end of September, so I figured getting her gift sorted and taking it up with us in advance would really be the best option.

It’s a shame really, if we did live close enough we’d never have to pay for childcare, that’s for sure!

So, my sweet little niece! Seven! Eeeep!
gray, cousin, my niece
They adore each other, they are a thick as thieves when together!

We are somewhat restricted on extravagance at the moment with our finances, which my brother understands, fortunately. Despite the budget I wanted to make my niece something special.

In the end I settled on a present that would be fun, special and extremely budget friendly, not to mention would make a great idea to share with everyone for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more! Really any gift giving event you can think of, this will work! View Full Post

Why You Absolutely Need To Start A Blog (Or Journal) Right Now

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It has been almost two months since I started blogging! I can’t believe it!

This way things have changed since I started has got me thinking lately about a lot of things. Stress being on of them. 

We have to deal with stress in our lives. Whether you’re in a high flying career or a stay at home mum or a young student, you will have felt overwhelmed, at one point or another.

That’s okay, it’s normal.

But it’s not healthy, especially if starts to get too big, too frequent.

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There is one particular aspect of stress I have mentioned in previous posts. In fact just recently in ‘Finding Your Calm Button.’

One of the problems I face as a mum of two boys under 4, Is parenting burnout. I have days where I’m home with them all day (see this post for how I try to make it less stressful) and by the time Husband gets in from work, I am in sensory overload. Other introverts will be able to relate, I’m sure. View Full Post

How To Have A Productive Day (Even With The Kids Around)

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Lately I’ve been struggling, I’ll be honest. Having to abandon your to-do list because the kids are being impossible is frustrating as Hell, isn’t it? You want so badly to just get things done and stay on top of everything, it should be easy! But no, somehow you always end the day with several things not ticked off, feeling like you’re back where you started.

I thought about some of the other posts I’ve written about productivity and decided; I can over come this. Well, I’ve put together a handy list that should help, at least. I found these little tips and tricks by sheer luck, mostly. They are tried and tested by yours truly; on my better days they work wonders but hey, I’m only human, I don’t get it right all the time!

I’ve noticed lately I seem to have certain posts that fall into a ‘family’ of sorts, so I’ve decided to make it official! This post is a part of my Productivity series! See alsohow to train yourself to be productiveandhow to be productive even when you’re feeling like death’.

I think this was my favourite to write so far, simply because some days at the moment trying to be productive in my house is an almost laughable expectation. Goodness knows I can’t be the only one dealing with this!

Gods help me when I go back to work. Even part time, I’m pretty sure the house will devolve into some sort of wartime/jungle/apocalypse type scenario, at least for the first few weeks.

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Launching my first eBook: Frugal Living for Lazy People

My first eBook is finally here.

me, typing, laptop, blogging

I can’t believe this day has come! Here we are, the publishing of my first book. I am thrilled, terrified, optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. But, I guess that’s normal when you put something you love out into the world for the first time, right?

I want to thank the lovely people I roped into being my editors for taking the time to give me some wonderful, honest, helpful feedback and being my beta readers. (Not to mention, my cheerleaders when I needed you most!)

It might seem silly to some to get so excited over a little, self-published project like this. The fact is, projects mean different things to different people, and this represents something much bigger than its word count to me. View Full Post