Strawberry Champagne Summer Cocktail

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British summertime is a ‘hit or miss’ kinda thing.

In the last week we’ve gone from sunny -> rainy -> back again several times! The other day we left the park as it was so hot we felt sick, before ten am! And yet the very next day was dreary and cloudy.


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But, one thing I’ll say for this summer, the heat waves have been the most intense I’ve ever seen in this country. The other night we couldn’t sleep because it didn’t drop below 28C/82F!

So, the other day while Gray was at nursery I decided I wanted to make something fruity and icy, something which complimented the weather and made me feel refreshed! I realised that I was two days before payday and our next food shop, so the cupboards were a bit bare.

In the end I decided I’d make something with the bag of frozen strawberries I found in the freezer. View Full Post

My Blog: The First Months Review

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This past month has been pretty insane. I never could have imagined how much work it takes to start a blog, let alone make it into something you can one day earn a living from. And I did months of research before I launched!

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learnt and the progress I’ve made, if you’ve been wondering what I’m so obsessed about, or if you’ve been feeling the itch to give it a try yourself, hopefully you’ll find this interesting and useful!

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Another 5 Smart Ways To Save Money On Food

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So my first post in the ‘Frugal Living for Lazy People’ eBook preview series; Top 5 Smart Ways To Save Money On Food, turned out to be super popular!

Edit: The eBook is live! Frugal Living for Lazy People is now available on Amazon!

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I like to be thorough when sharing information, I go into detail on the whys and how’s.

Leaving people with a list of things to google after reading just seems like bad practice to me. Above all I want to help people make life as easy and enjoyable as possible. As I said in the first of these posts, even if you only save a few £££s in the end, a few saved is a few you can spend elsewhere!

So that is why I’m keeping these lists to just five things at a time. In Frugal Living for Lazy People, you are going to find a lot more advice, personal accounts and lists, with some really excellent tips based not just around food, but all aspects of your life. View Full Post

5 Things I look forward to in my 30s (my 20yr old self would be horrified to learn)

Let’s face it, in our twenties we all have that rose tinted vision of our futures. We know what to expect to a degree, we know a house and a family, if that’s what we choose, doesn’t come without work.

But, what I don’t think any of us expected was for the ‘work’ part of it to become a desirable thing, now did we? Still in denial? No clue what I could possibly be talking about? Okay, play hard to get, but I bet once you’ve read this list you’ll be a little more honest with yourself!

(And if you’re still in your early twenties with no kids, enjoy this peek into the future!)

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How to cope when you snap at your child

It is never easy to admit even to yourself that you might not be a perfect parent, but the thing is, no-one really is and that’s not the end of the world, we’re only human.

Just remember to take a deep breath, all of us parents are in this together.

snap, what, child, title

I am a snapper. I know I do it, I know my triggers, I know it is rarely, if ever, warranted. Yet I still sometimes do it and then I hate myself afterwards.

We all want our children to know without a doubt that we love them more than anything and that they are perfect to us. We want them to know we would do anything for them, that we love spending time with them and listening to what they have to say.

Sometimes though, I am afraid they won’t know this, because I snap.

Some days are not good days. If my toddler isn’t listening when I ask him to come put his shoes on, my tone of voice becomes harsh. If he tries to play around or move while I help get those shoes on, I let out frustrated mutters.

I hate myself for this. There is no easy way to say it, I’m sure that may sound overly harsh, but it is true.  View Full Post

How to cope with returning to work after Maternity leave.

When I realised my maternity leave would be ending soon, I would have to return to work, I found myself feeling lost and hopeless. How could I go back?

cope, how, return, work

This time it just felt so different; wrong, somehow.

There were days I would feel like I was in the midst of an anxiety attack for hours on end, I’d be so full of dread at the thought of returning to work that I’d have this urge to act because I didn’t have enough time, except there was no action to take, spiralling me deeper into my internal panic.

It was at this time that I realised I was meant to blog. I felt as though I’d finally found my calling, I finally knew what I needed to do with my life! And now that dream was being threatened, because how could I blog if I had to work? Where would I find the time?

I was terrified of becoming stuck in a never-ending cycle; if I couldn’t put in the time I needed to build an income from blogging, I couldn’t quit work, if I couldn’t quite work, I’d never be able to put in the time etc.

me, depressed, stressed, back

I must have rewritten our budget a hundred times, hoping I’d find some secret source of income I’d missed, allowing us to afford for me to stay home.

I spent hours searching the internet for viable ‘side hussles’ to keep us afloat. Repeatedly I found that the websites offering surveys for money, somehow never had ones that matched my demographic. The freelance writing sites I checked out were all the ‘you need experience before you can write for us, you need to write for us to get the experience’ kinda dead end.

I even briefly considered and attempted transcribing audio clips. *shudder*

In the end I was forced to accept the unfortunate truth. I had no choice financially but to return to work.

So I said ‘screw it’ and started my blog anyway.  View Full Post

The 5 things you learn about friendship once you’ve had kids.

Friendship is a tricky thing. There are many kinds that can have very different impacts on your life. Some feel like they’ll last forever, others blow through your life like a hurricane, with the same after effects.

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I am one of those people who can make friends with just about anyone. Trying to connect feels natural when you have a friendly and open personality, and always try not to judge books by covers.

I know this, however, internally I have a deep rooted fear of social interaction, specifically making friends. (This probably began in High School. That’s a story for another post…)

I find it very difficult to figure out whether or not people actually like me.

girl, hands, lonely, anxious

Often people will be friendly, eager to talk to me and complimentary! But, the moment I leave their presence my stupid brain will immediately start worrying. They were just putting up with me to be nice, I was annoying them, they probably were offended by something I said and just too polite to say so… etc etc.  View Full Post

The Best Chocolate Bark Recipe Ever

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Soooo… I try to be healthy. I really, really do. But then there’s chocolate…

best, chocolate, bark, ever

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this, despite my dedication. Sometimes, I’m able to shimmy around the guilt of my desire and create especially unhealthy recipes (usually chocolate based) by making them as gifts! (And pretending I don’t keep a portion or two for myself.) *wink*

This recipe is one that I love. It really is an incredibly versatile recipe. Isn’t that the beauty of chocolate bark?

milk, white, chocolate, jug, melt

The basic recipe and directions of chocolate bark is as follows: use whatever chocolate you want; add whatever toppings you want!

chocolate, spread, plain

I think I love this particular combination so much because it has everything, it’s salty, sweet, creamy, crunchy, chewy! (I may also have a mild obsession with pretzels) So yeah, this is my new favourite treatView Full Post

The Top 5 Smart Ways To Save Money On Food

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One thing that always catches my eye are the words ‘save’ and ‘money’ together. If I’m browsing Pinterest and I see a post that has something to do with saving, I will always check it out.

As far as I’m concerned this is just good practice! There are so, so many ways to save yourself a few pounds! I know that no matter how many times I come up with or try something new, there are at least three other methods I haven’t thought of and let’s be honest, a few pounds saved here is a few more you can spend there! *wink*

(Edit: This post was a preview of my eBook: Frugal Living for Lazy People, which goes into more detail and has more amazing tips, and is available now!)

The brief list below is just simple, easy to implement advice; many of these popped into my head when I realised; people I knew were spending through the nose on things I rarely paid pennies for. How could I not share?

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How To Train Yourself To Be Productive.

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This is part of my Productivity Series! See also ‘How to have a productive day (even with the kids around)‘ and ‘How to be productive even when you’re feeling like death.’

train, yourself, productive, trick, lazy

I am a lazy person.

It is my default setting, I admit it. With children of course, you can’t  really afford to be lazy anymore, so things have had to change somewhat for me.

However, it is pretty hard to shake some of those bad habits. Some days I still find myself slipping into those old ways, especially when the kids are actually giving me an easy day.

Those days, despite being awesome on the ‘kids are behaving’ scale, are usually pretty rubbish in other ways. Mainly the ‘staying organised and being productive’ kind.

The days I get the most done and feel the best about my productivity, are absolutely the days I stay on my feet and keep myself active. I’ve got a couple of tips and tricks I try to use to stay productive and curb my old, lazy behaviours from resurfacing.

If you’re a former lazy person like me they might just come in useful for you!

How to trick yourself out of laziness and train yourself to be productive! 
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