Negative Automatic Thoughts Part 1: What on earth are NATs?

(Edit: Part 2 - Fortune Telling and Downward Spirals can be found here. Post contains affiliate links.
This topic is pretty personal for me.

 I want you to know I will be expanding it into a series addressing the ways NATs (Negative Automatic Thoughts) can affect you in different areas and different ways. Links will be included here as new posts in the series are added.

I feel it’s important to let you know, because if you find yourself suddenly questioning the way you view the world like I did, you’ll want to know more; and one post just isn’t enough.

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Something so personal to an author cannot help but pop up again and again on a blog. I actually owe the existence of this blog to NATs. Or more accurately, discovering what they are, that I have them and finally being able to see without them clouding my vision. You see, they are something that’s been going on with me pretty much forever and I never even knew they were a ‘thing’.

I was confiding in a friend of mine one play date about how much I loved the blogging world and how much I’d love to get into it myself. Her ‘Why don’t you?’ led to an unravelling of thoughts consisting of the usual ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t know what to write about’, ‘people won’t be interested in what I have to say’ and so on.

 It came to light this was my usual inner monologue when I found something I was passionate about, which is why so many of my ventures have never gotten past the planning stage. ‘Oh,’ said my friend, ‘You have NATs.’  View Full Post

4 Easy ways to turn everyday chores into playtime with your kids

For me, one of the hardest parts of raising kids is finding time to keep up with the day to day household stuff.

Now that we have both a 3 ½ year old and a 6 month old, this is doubly so! Although once the littlest man is crawling I know i’ll be doomed.

If it’s something I don’t do all the time like a ‘scrub all the things with bleach!’ deep clean, I can work it out easily. It just seems to slot into place.

Ali Brosh said it best!
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But remind me I’m supposed to hoover, dust or finally put that folded laundry actually inside the wardrobe? Ugh. It just doesn’t seem to work for me. I get so carried away trying to fit the ‘big’ things that keep cropping up in that the little things get pushed to the back of the to-do list, until I’m dragging myself up the stairs to bed telling myself the things I missed today would totally get priority tomorrow, until tomorrow turns out the same way.

Yup, she definitely got it right:
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The other day I had to ask my husband to carry the laundry basket upstairs for me, I’d been putting off having to put it all away for so long I now had about six loads piled up like a precarious, jenga-style fabric tower.  View Full Post

The ultimate bulked out Chilli Con Carne

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I want to share one of our absolute favourite family recipes with you. But! I don’t want to share this recipe because it is one of probably the top four we keep in rotation, or because we make it almost every single month (I like to bulk cook and freeze). I want to share it with you because it is so easy to make, and so easy to make in bulk.

It is also cheap, did I mention that? This an economical, budget friendly family meal!  View Full Post

Jitterbug blues



(Please note: This post contains affiliate links, for more information please check my Disclosures page.)

Starting a new venture is always going to be daunting, but starting a blog? Far more terrifying and vast than I could ever have imagined, and yet, now that I finally have I can’t imagine giving up on it.

During my long journey to finally getting this brain baby of mine off the ground, I did a lot of research, I mean a lot. (I even bought a book! How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul) One thing that was very important to me if I was going to do this, was doing it right.

Something I read over and over again during my researching was that anyone could start a blog and that it was ‘quick’, ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’ to do. I’m certainly not disputing that; it really is that simple. You can go sign up at right now for free and be writing your blog within an hour.  


I didn’t just want to sign up to a free host site and start writing journal entries. I wanted to write thoughtful, helpful posts, share fun recipes and ideas and build an audience who would one day, hopefully become friends as well as readers. I wanted from the start to know I’d made all the right choices regarding hosting, domains and social media to one day be able to call my blog my business and finally achieve that elusive dream, being able to shape my work routine around my life, not the other way around.

In order to reassure myself I wasn’t going to hit a wall or trip over an unexpected pothole further down the road, I sat for hours and hours scouring Pins and articles and other blogs. I signed up for a dozen different free ecourses about starting a blog, building traffic and getting noticed. (A post about these beauties is in the works, they are incredibly helpful!) I wrote plan after plan until I had something that vaguely resembled what I wanted to see, including where I wanted to be in 1, 5 and 10 years time.

Hey it may not be perfect yet, I still have almost zero grasp of HTML and the ‘look’ isn’t what I picture as ‘my blog’ in my brain, but all that tweaking and improving and learning comes with time and practice. The technical side has been conquered for now.

You can start a blog in an hour. It is that simple. but if you want your blog to one day be your career, you need to put in the footwork and research, plan and prepare. Don’t let that dishearten you though. Don’t for a second think ‘if I have to work for it before I even start it’s going to be too much work’. It is totally worth it. Maybe I’m just a perfectionist. Either way, a little preparation means less stress down the road! That’s always worth it in my book.

Now that this is real I feel like a huge knot is untangling inside me. I used to think that line you always see in soppy romance novels, about love or whatever ‘feeling like home’ was cheesy and lame.

But holy cow you guys, I finally feel like I am doing what I’ve always been meant to do.

A beginning, of sorts…


This is my blog.

I’m not sure it’s anything special just yet, it’s only young after all (and my first blog to boot!) but we’re all here! (And that’s what matters!) The plan is to write engaging and worthwhile posts which not only entertain but help those who need them, and lets them leave with a smile.

I want to help people figure out life, their self-image and the future. Helping even when it seems the most daunting of tasks, by sharing with you my life experiences regarding the daily struggles of complicated pregnancies, bullying, motherhood, love, financial struggle, health and self-acceptance.

Most importantly of course, this blog is about how to overcome these bothersome things and have fun in-between, because it’s the in-between bits when life happens!

I don’t anticipate this first post getting many views but to start this right I want you to know, whoever you are, that you have made me happy by being here.

I hope you can find whatever you are looking for and we can take this journey together. Even if we go our separate ways, I want you to know that one day I will look back on this humble beginning and think of you.


Claire Elizabeth

Claire Samuel (23)
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